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Submitted: March 03, 2011

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Submitted: March 03, 2011



I lie awake, with eyes wide open

Thinking of you, but you don’t know it

I ask myself why, why can’t I move on

This feeling is wrong; I just need to stay strong

But memories, can’t be erased

They’re stuck in my head and I picture your face

Your smile your laughter, the one that I’m after

I’m starting to fall, and you’re the cause of it all

Please come back to me, despite what you did

I need you here with me; you’re all that I miss

Your hugs and your kisses, your hopes and your wishes

You held me so tight, you were my whole life

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I’m just lovesick

It’s hard to let go, it’s hard to forget

I won’t let you leave, I can’t watch you leave

Please stay here with me and be all that I need

If you walk away, I’ll pray that someday

You find your way back and continue your track

To find me again, and take hold of my hands

Pulling me closer and closer and closer

And then you will see when you look in my eyes

The tears that I shed, the tears that I cry

I tell you I love you, you hug me and kiss me

And tell me you’ve missed me, but it’s hard to believe

When I told you forever, and ever and ever

Every word was true; I am still in love with you

But what’s left is regret, from emotions I’ve set

I’m feeling so lonely, someone please come and hold me

Heal this pain in my chest and put it to rest

You see I’m heartbroken; I was left with no help

I sing you this song, to let you know how I’ve felt

I’ve been going insane, calling out your name

But you’re so far from me as I cry and I plead

Baby oh baby, why did you leave

We were so happy, you meant everything to me

Now I guess I can try, to continue my life

Without any thought of you running through my mind

I’ll finally say, with all of my strength

I’ll put this behind me and start new today

I can only hope now, hope to be better

And hope you understand why I wrote you this letter.

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