The First Day

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The first page of a book I want to write about a teacher who changed my life.

The First Day

The first day I  stumbled nervously into his cold, postered room, I knew that he and the room would become regular visitors of my constant daydreams.  There wasn't a particular book or poster that made me feel this way.It was a dust of intelligence and maturity that lingered in the air and rested comfortably on the desks and bookshelves.  It was a dust I wanted to be blanketed in forever.

I broke from the trance that the dust had put me in and realized that most of my classmates were already seated. Only three desks remained unoccupied. I had never been in a classroom with those old fashion individual desks. No one in the room seemed particularly inviting, but I settled in front of a girl I'd known from band in middle school. Like every first day of school, my eyes scanned all of the posters and magnets on the walls and white boards. Something about them told me that they would be plastered onto the walls of my brain forever. I was meant to be in that classroom. I knew this, even though I had not yet seen his face or heard his unforgettable voice.  I suddenly yearned to lay my eyes on this magnificent creature that, for some reason, I felt I'd known my whole life. With all the chatter going on, obviously no one felt the same way.

Finally he emerged from the little office attached to the side of the room.  Nothing about him was especially handsome. He looked about 43 and was average height and slim.  His hair was slightly thinning, but still held its blonde glow.  His clear blue eyes glanced at his new batch of adolecent brains. His readiness to transform them into the brains of young adults enveloped me with excitement. Heck, just his presence excited me.  He floated calmly to the front of the room and waited as the chatter faded to silence.  All eyes rested on his lips, anticipating the first words to slip out of them.

"Hello. My name is Mr.Frerichs. No, you may not call me Mr.F. We all know how to speak English, so you will learn to pronounce my name and I will learn to pronounce yours".

Submitted: August 17, 2009

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can someone please give me feedback on this? thanks.

Mon, August 17th, 2009 6:44pm


Well done! I'm highly impressed with your writing and thinking .’) Please let me know when you post more.

Tue, August 18th, 2009 9:37pm

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