The First Day (continued)

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more of my story about my unforgettable english teacher.

The First Day (continued)

He paused and and everyone watched, unimpressed by what they thought to be an attempt at sounding authoritative. I thought it to be a clever introduction. He seemed so strangely comfortable standing in front of the group ofhighly judgmentalfifteen year olds. It was as if he knew that he owned the ability to change them. I studied his expression and noticed that he was trying to make eye contact with each person in the room. I waited anxiously for his gaze to meet mine. His eyes moved fluidly up and down the isles of students until they made a sudden, unexpected halt at mine. Of course, I was flattered to be the only one to catch his attention, but what was it he had noticed? His lips parted and stretched into a wide grin. I tried not to look as confused as the rest of the class.

"Gee, I thought we were born with the right amount of holes on our faces".

My face contorted into a,"What?"

I probably sounded and looked annoyed, but I truly had no idea what he meant by what he had said. He must've noticed my confusion because he lifted his arm to tap his left nostril with his index finger.


I was slightly annoyed by his attept at being humorous, but my face probably showed more than a small irritation at him. I had inherited from my mother a bad habit of making unintended exaggerated facial expressions. My encounter with my new idol worried me. His first impression was of my nose ring instead of my brain. I had to admit, his reaction was not uncommon. The difference was that I had expected it from my other teachers, but I had different expectations of him. It was then that my goal became proving to him that Iheld more than what my nose ring could show him.

Submitted: August 19, 2009

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your writing is honestly fantastic! i will read all updates of this… just let me know (: thanks for sharing; it’s great to see such talent.

a few small typos that i noticed: “…ofhighly judgmentalfifteen year olds.” + “…his attept at being humorous” + “Iheld more than”

(p.s.- i’m glad you stuck around:)

Wed, August 26th, 2009 5:34pm


thank you :) my keyboard is a little crazy(little brothers broke it), so the space bar is terrible. i've been trying to find the time to write more of thise, but band camp started(7 hours a day) and i'm trying to finish up driver's ed. i will definitely tell you when more is up though.

Wed, August 26th, 2009 10:53am

Stu Irvine

A nice well constructed story. The character of the teacher is well developed and pretty true to life. I am a teacher and I have seen many different kinds...

keep up with your writing,

well done


Fri, March 26th, 2010 3:57am

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