i will return

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saying good bye, when it is time to let go, to something that could never belong to us in the first place.

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



"i am going to die now" the light surrounding us light up her loose red curls as she spoke this.

"why must you die? i do not see any wounds on your body" i said irriatated

"i dont need to have any"

"you dont know what you say stupid girl, you are but what 12 years old? with no physical injuries, you do not know what you say" i became more and more agrivated with her she was always so dificult, so incredably odd.

"oh, but i do know what i say, i am going to die, but do not worry stupid boy, i will return in but a few moments."

she looked away as she spoke this. i wondered how it was possible for someone to habe such ghostly skin. i thought to myslef about how incredably beautiful she ws. her nose fliped slightly up and her eyes were green and shaped as almonds.

i stared momentarily at her red swollen lips, and im not quiet sure if it was the breeze or if it was because of how stunning she was, but shivers ran rappidly down my spine.



"did you not hear me? i told you i would return, are you not pleased by this? her eyes at swells of tears that were ripe and ready to fall.

"how do the dead return? it is imposible, does death not frighten you? if the preist heard you speak such things he'd..." she inturupted me with a kiss, her lips warm and soft.

"you can stab my heart a million times, and i will lick up the blood and smile, because i know i am ready to die."

"i must go now" she stood up and turned the other way.

"wait! whare are you going? when will i see you again?" she began to walk back over to me though it was difficult because the grass around us went all the way up to her sholders.

her small frail hands classped around my wrists, and i looked and admired the tatoos that coverd every inch of her hands for the last time, id ask her how her parrents would of ever let her get tattoos at such a young age and she would reply "i dont have any parrents, i am a child of the earth, and the sky. i grew up from the ground, i suppose quiet simmilar to a carrrot, and when the sky saw that i was ready, it reached down and harvested me from the dirt"

"your so weird" i would say

and she would reply "and you, are very, painfully, boaring"

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