Fleeing the Mask

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what happens when you see someone for what they really are

Submitted: April 28, 2010

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Submitted: April 28, 2010



mask pulled over your face

i'm beginning to see the edges

revealing your horrid skin

what i pretended wasn't there

you peer at me from behind the mask

never loking me straight in the eye

for fear of confirming what i now know is true

i reach out

trying to cover you up again

but you quickly pull away

shifting your mask

i can see more of what's behind now

a tear slips down my cheek

you don't try to hide yourself again

i beg you to put the mask back

so i can pretend it's not true

but instead you grab my hand

and put it underneath

and i shudder at the feeling

i can feel the ugliness underneath

more intense than i imagined

i beg you to stop

but you don't

you look straight at me now

knowing that i know

that what i had hoped wasn't there for so long

is real

i draw my hand back

my skin burning

and then

you take off

the mask

it is the ugliest sight

you tried to hide it for so long

but i can see clearly now

one last time i step forward

closing my eyes

my hands at my sides

but i feel the cold eminating from your hideousness

and so

i look you straight in the eye

and silently send words of closure

you don't deserve more

and i turn






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