The hunted house

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the hunted house- is not based on the house it's based outside as you will find out.....

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Submitted: March 30, 2014

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Submitted: March 30, 2014




The hunted house.....

There was a family that just moved into this house that they didn’t know was hunted as someone is still around.... the Dad is called John, the Mum is called Juliet their son was called Ron which is 15 years old and their daughter called Rose which is 12 years old. They had to move into this house because the owner of their old house had to sell it to get money so the family had to move, and they got their own place.

(Main1-just moved in)

The family went upstairs and choose their rooms to sleep in. The house was a 3 bedroom house so Mum and Dad had their room to share and Ron and Juliet had their own rooms. All the family unpacked their bags and settled in the house. As the family went to get a drink they notice the woods outside thinking that they would have a back garden which they don’t.

(Main2-the strange man)

After they had dinner, mum and dad did the washing up and Ron and Juliet is playing nicely in the front room. While Mum and Dad do the washing up, they look out the window to the woods to see a man standing there and not moving. The kids come in and distract Mum and Dad for 2 seconds, as Mum and Dad look up the man is gone.

(Main3-evening time)

The family sit down on the couch and watch a film on TV. 20 minutes into the film they hear a scream form out back in the woods. The Mum goes out back and checks; as she opens the door suddenly she is taken by this man in disguise... The Dad and kids are worried so they check and noticed Mum has gone.

(main4-the saviour)

Dad, Ron and Juliet go out into the woods to search for Mum, Dad carry’s a gun just in case they find Mum, as the kids carry their torches. They hear someone’s voice; they recognise it as Mum voice so they rush over to the voice in a hurry! After running they find Mum tapped up in a chair and then the man walks over, as he walks over Dad pulls his gun out and shoots the man down dead. They set Mum free and hurry home. They all make it home safe.

(Final-the celebration)

As Dad, Ron and Juliet saved Mum, they have a little party just between them just to celebrate the rescue of Mum. As the party goes on Dad and the kids make sure Mum’s okay which she is. At the end of the party they all go up to bed to start a new day...

The end...

Or is it??

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