Change For The Better ...

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These Is A Story That I Wrote About My True Life And I Hope That Others Can Benefit From It ... And I'm Looking Forward To See Your Comments :)

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Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



Change For The Better …


31 December 2009, the day that I was waiting for, my parents are going to travel to  celebrate the new year event and I will invite my friends to come over to my place to have some fun without someone to mange us.


However, my parents flight is at 10:30am, but they have to leave two hours earlier, so they left at 8:30, I had to wake up to say goodbye.

After I said goodbye, I tried to get back to sleep, but that didn't work, so I went down stairs and made for myself a sandwich and watched TV.


It was 10:00am and I was alone in the house and there was two cars are parking out  in the garage, so I said to myself "no one home and the car keys is right there", so I took the keys and went out for a ride.


At 12:00pm I went back home safely! meanwhile my brother was home and he saw me and he shouted at me that I mustn't do that at all, I told him "I promise you that I  will not repeat it"


So, It was 4:00pm and it was the time to bring my friends, so I called them, and they came over, we sat in the guest room and there was music, food and everyone were happy celebrating the new year event.


At 11:00pm people started leaving and at the end there was only me and two of my friends (Amer and Ahmad), we was so tired from partying, so we sat and everyone took a laptop, started surfing the net at least for 3 hours!


Anyway, at 2:00am we was bored and there was nothing to do, so I started to thinking about taking the car again and go for a ride with my friends, I told them and they tried to stop me, but I didn't listen to them and I took the key and went for a ride with them.


It was an amazing experience and we had a lot of fun, at 3:00am my other friend called me and he was asking what I'm doing, I told him that I'm driving the car, so he asked me to come over to his place and pick him up with his two other friends, so I accepted and went to his home and picked them up.

I droved for half an hour then I went back home with my 5 friends, I opened the door for them and let them in, we sat there for two and half an hours talking about everything and laughing.


At 6:00am my friends asked me to carry them home, so I went out and started the engine, and I was saying to myself thank god that nothing happened in the past four hours, so I started driving to carry them to their home.


I reached to my friend house, but I felt there was something wrong, I didn't care, I dropped them and continued to carry the other two friends, I was driving and suddenly the car started moving from side to side and I couldn't control it, I started to get panic and I didn't know what to do.


I pushed the break very hard to stop the car and I moved the wheel to the left side to not knock the sidewalk, but unfortunately I did, and the car crashed into a tree.

Thank god that no one got hurt, we went out of the car to see what happened to it.

And when I saw the big damage that I caused to the car, I was so scary that I didn’t know what to do, I called my big brother while he was sleeping and I told him what happened, he was so mad and he came to the place that we crashed the car in.


The look in his eyes was so scary, I was so terrified and in the same time not believing what is happening, my friends went home and me also and we let the car parked there.


I walked into the door and that look still appearing in my brother eyes, I told him that I'm so sorry and I blame myself so much but that wouldn't be useful at the moment. He told me that he don’t know what to do, we don't carry money in current time and how we should tell our parents about it.


My brother Faris went to sleep and I stood awake; I couldn't sleep, thinking what will happen and how I'm going to tell my parents about it.


My parents supposed to be at home after tomorrow and it was the hardest and scariest days in my life, my other brother Rami, was with them, so I called him and told him the story and I told him to tell dad what happened, when they are on the way home.


THEY ARRIVED!! and I didn't know what to do, I went towered my dad and kissed his hand and I started crying and crying, he looked at me and said sadly, what if I came back and they told me that my son is dead, how I would live after that, what is the benefit from you to cry and start blaming yourself, what should I do about this?


I went up stairs tears in my eyes and my heart was broken from hearing that from my dad.


After that my mom came into my room, asking about how did this happen and how I got the carriage  to do that, I explained to her the story, after that, she told me that she is very disappointed in me and she will not trust me anymore.


I couldn't stand it, honestly I thought about ways to be comfortable like suicide or running away from the house but when my brother Rami came into me, hugged me and started to telling me that I should put limits for my life and I should be  more careful about every step that I take in life, that I will not regret it in the future and he gave me a lot of advices that I will not forget.


Its been long time since the accident and since that day, my life started to change, I started praying for god to thanks him about the life that he gave it to me and I started to appreciate things I wasn't even thinking about in the past, so I thought in myself, that maybe god did that to me, to change my life and make it better.


So, I made a commitment that I will never will do that again until I get a license and I will be more careful for all the decision that I'll take in the future.


Maybe life is hard, but if we learned from the mistakes that we do and we move on, it will be the greatest experience that you will ever had.


Like Me, in the past, I was thinking that life is unfair, and I don’t get what I want or need, but now I appreciate the life that I have, I'm so happy for having it and I think about it in an image that I'm thanking god for giving me a place to live, food, great family and for everything I have!


Because there is some people, don’t have any food or even a place to live in, these are the people who we should think about, not to think about luxury and be famous or have a lot of money.


So, I hope that everyone who read this story will solve their problems, and they will move on to a better life and that what you should do, because life is short and we should appreciate every second in it.




The end

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Change For The Better ...

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