The destruction of Red-Eye

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Robots in the 22nd century were invented to help humans and not to hurt or violate them. What sparks up for one robot of mass destruction?

Submitted: June 10, 2013

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Submitted: June 10, 2013



The destruction of Red-Eye


In the year of 2250, technology was brought out to be the best thing ever created. Interactive robots were invented to help humans and not to hurt or violate them. Robots could help wash the dishes, help clean the car, or even help you buy the groceries. Robots were the new ‘ man’s best friend’. These robots were called A.R.O.S (Advanced Robotic Operating System). They were coloured white and had blue eyes. They were built to be the size of an average adult and had robotic voices.


Max, a tall, well built man with dark hair and brown eyes, was an investigator, who solved investigations of the people who got killed by robots. Most of the time, it was a dysfunction in the system and these cases were sent to a facility where A.R.O.S were made, to help improve the liability of these robots. The robots were programmed to protect, serve, and help humans in their day-to-day lives. They weren’t allowed to hurt other humans or robots and they were not allowed to cause chaos in the city. Violation of these rules had consequences and they were destroyed.


One night, a young lady was walking home from work, when she heard a shaky noise. It sounded wavy and it sounded as if something was walking towards her. Then that’s when something appeared. She thought it was a robot but it had different colours. The robot looked rusty and old, and instead of having blue eyes, it had red eyes. The robot then said,

“ Give me your phone and your wallet unless you want to be terminated.”

The lady was so startled and astonished that she just couldn’t do anything. So the rusty old droid held its hands tight and……….


The next morning, Max was there, investigating what happened in the murder of this lady. A young boy then came up to him and said,

“ I saw what happened. There was a robot but it was different. It looked old and it had red eyes instead of blue.”

Max thought to himself and something came to his mind. He remembered in his last investigation, a witness told him a similar description of what the robot looked like. He was confused and wanted to know more about this ‘red-eyed robot’.


After months of research, Max found a match of a robot on his computer scan. It read,


‘Sector 9’


Crime- Murder of 2 citizens in the city

Description- An old rusty looking robot with red coloured eyes.

-Broke out of prison 2 years ago and is now on the loose

-Specially trained for veteran war, an expert in combat


“ So the suspect I’m looking for is a war veteran who is an expert in combat,” thought Max as he read the description.


Max wanted to figure out a way he could deactivate this robot and he remembered something that his trainer told him when he was preparing for his work. His trainer said that every robot could be deactivated if you convinced the government on why. They had a secret facility where high-tech computers were used to deactivate trouble-making robots or robots that they thought would be a serious threat to the city. But this secret facility was unknown. Not even the president or a single person in the government knew where this facility was. There was only very few people who knew the secret location and most of them were people who could barely talk and that worked in that facility.


Only very few robots were deactivated at a time because the government didn’t want to let other A.R.O.S know that there was a secret place where they could control whether you be active or deactivated. This is because if they knew, they might go crazy and destroy anything unless they find the facility.


In order to deactivate Red-Eye, Max had to convince the government on why he should be deactivated. So he did. He sent a message to the government and this is what it said:


To: The A.R.O.S government

Subject: Deactivation for Red-Eye


I would like to request deactivation for the robot Red-Eye

Code number:0239231_293

He has been murdering multiple citizens in the city and he must be stopped immediately.

Sincerely yours: Detective Max Rodgers (CIA Agent)



A few hours later, Max received an e-mail from the A.R.O.S government. It said:


To: Detective Max Rodgers


Please visit this secret destination.

467 Oakley St. Primkey

We have very important things to discuss about Agent Max. We will be there at anytime. Please visit A.S.A.P

A.R.O.S Facility


After Max had read this response, like lightning, he drove to the ‘secret destination’ that was given to him. He arrived at a small abandoned petrol station fifty kilometers away from the city. The petrol station was old and rusty metal cans sang clattering noises across the floor. Inside the paying station, wires came dangling down from the ceiling and the floor was completely covered in dirt.


But then, Max saw something. It was near the counter where a pile of rubbish had been dumped. It was a silver trigger that was only noticeable if you where really close to it. It was weird because it was the only well-preserved thing inside this abandoned place. He pulled it and in an instant, the floor opened up and there was a metal staircase leading underground. Max went down to see what was there. He walked down the long staircase until he reached a door with two torches lighting up the small dark staircase. He knocked on the door and it opened. Inside was a massive nest of computers and people working quietly on their work.


Max was then pushed to the floor and was asked for his ID.

“ Hi agent Max. Thank you for coming. We have many things to talk about in regards to this deactivation.” Said a man in a white suit.

Max was let free to talk to this man.


They both discussed about Red-Eye and how he was trained when he grew up. They talked about how he escaped prison a few years ago and how he was able to hack the prison system. Then, they talked about something more important. The deactivation.

“We have tried to deactivate Red-Eye but he has somehow made a way for him not to be deactivated. We can’t shut him down!” Said the man.

“But there is one way. When every robot is made and constructed, they obtain an emergency clip which can instantly destroy them.”


But there was one problem. In order for it to work, there was a destruction countdown that the robot could hear before he could be destroyed. Red-Eye could track down Max and kill him as well as the workers.


They proceeded with the emergency procedure and it took two minutes before Red-Eye could be completely destroyed. One minute passed and Max heard pounding noises against the floor. In a flash, Red-Eye came running in and went to attack Max! Max ran outside and got in his car. He tried to drive away but the droid was too fast! The robot jumped and landed on Max’s car! Max couldn’t move a muscle. He had quick stirrings of shocked emotions and didn’t know what to do! Red-Eye tightened his fist and… CLICK! Red-Eye passed out and fell down on the floor. In an instant, ambulances and other robots came to help out Max and cover his wounds.


Max was rewarded a gold medal for his bravery that no one else wanted to do and Red-Eye was never heard from again.

© Copyright 2020 Haizle. All rights reserved.

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