God and all of his creations

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Why did the Lord Create Lucifer,Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and all of other things and Most Special two worlds that come to you when you die HELL and HEAVEN and his most favorite creations HUMANS BEINGS .

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



So i was wondering why did God himself create Lucifer which he goes by Satan or The Devil and i don't understand why did he create Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse which are around us but when can not see them because we are Human Being but to them we are cockroaches and petty things.But what i know God created Jesus Christ because the Humanity was stopping to belive in God so he could have dissepeared but where to i absolutely have no idea my freinds.I kinda disaagree with God he should not have created Lucifer and us Humans could have good lives and No War,No Killings no nothing just live peacfully and enjoy our lives .Maybe God is testing us he has put us on Planet Earth to test us see how we do kill each other or eat each others souls for no reason.So if God created all of this why everything in the world is bad people are getting killed all of other violent things which us humans would never wanted to happen but the prophecy was written and it's happening no matter what.But i wonder these days who Goes to Heaven because all i see in this world killing,kidanpping etc...But they say we are in war i don't know if we are in war like with other countrys we are war in ourselves and that's all all i Can say.But i think when Judment Day comes all of us humans plus me are going to get judged and are sould may rise and God is going to judge.Why you people think it they Only Lord can judge you becuase he is the BOSS of everything one snap like my hand he could destroy us all,but don't be afraid of God love him and respect him and talk to him which is call PRAYING but most of you American are kinda off God's Map because you people don't the reality but still i am not going to speak any TRUTH about you Americans.So Who Is God let's wait until we die then we will meet God and Jesus Christ and All of the Arcangels and Angels and give them a BIG Hug !

God Bless Planet Earth

God Bless USA

God Bless Every Human on this Planet !

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