The Defeat (the end of world war II)

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World War Two is almost halfway through, but it is not America who is in the lead this time...

Submitted: November 05, 2006

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Submitted: November 05, 2006



CHAPTER ONE = The Explanation

Hello, readers. I am Haku Belmont, a boy who loves to write. Before I begin this story, I will use chapter one to explain to you what is going on.

Well, I hope most of you know that America won WWII, starting around 1939, and ending around 1948; But what if it was the other way around?

You see, during WWII, there were three major parties involved in the war. The American Military, the Japanese Military, and the Nazi Parties. Well, America had some help, but did eventually end up beating both of the others, the Japanese and Nazis, but what if that didn't happen?

The Japanese military was very strong, and still is, today, and was beaten by the American Technology, reinforcements, and mere amounts of men. The Nazis basically ruled Germany, having giant amounts of men, and pretty good tactics and weaponry for a basic "backyard army".

Now, imagine if the Japanese military had all the power, and defeated America? What if the Nazi parties, the Russians, and the Americans were all flattened because of Japan, and they still thrived like they do today, back then?

Well, this is the story of this happening. I, Haku-san, hope you enjoy this short story, beggining when America came in, in about 1945.

(chapter two will be in by seven o'clock on friday night, if not before. To read story, go to Novel by Haku Belmont, titled: The Defeat: WWII)

(dedicated to "eraser"-san and sullivan-san)

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