Rain drops .

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Life vanishes like rain drops ...

Submitted: March 14, 2014

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Submitted: March 14, 2014



By:Hala Mohamed Elbialy

It was raining , and she was looking to the rain from her small window . How was the rain looks like her life ,.

First drop was falling from long distance till the ground, It was tiring trip , It suffered and then it disappeared between it's sisters on the ground How was her life tiring likethis trip , and then she disappeared between people shared the same life ...

Another two drops were falling , It was great sensation to travel together , But the trip ended and they reached the ground , They separeted and vanished, How was her love great and then ended by separation...

Many drops were falling , It was exciting , They are loughing , loving , growing, running together.They hadto reach the ground and they couldn't find each other again. She remembered her friends , How couldn't she find them again.

It stopped raining , It was the end at that time , and the water was removed from the ground.

Waiting for new rain and new drops expressing other people's life...

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