Prophecy of the Maiden

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is for a contest that I decided to join. I usually don't write fantasy type things, but I came up with this and felt like trying it out :o, I hope you all like it :)

Prophecy Of The Maiden

“Stand your ground!” I yell to my pack and they obey before the words even come out. They can read me as easily as I can them. A piece of cake.
“Farrah, are we going to fight?” Kellan asks.
I stare into his blue eyes and go further to read his mind; his thoughts are rushing with excitement of wanting to win the battle between Nash, Prince of the Vampyres, team that was heading in our direction. His eyes are on me as he thinks these thoughts. I look through his eyes at myself. My long black wavy hair blowing in the wind. It shapes my bright green eyes and heart shaped face. I am the only female werewolf leader known. As soon as I was born, I took the title. All the packs around the area protect me with everything they have. However I don't think of myself as that important.
“You are important, you are the first female leader and we are your pack we have to keep you alive,” Kellan tells me in his thoughts.
I forgot that I was still in his mind, pulling out I meet his dark blue gaze. Sigh, I wish he would see differently. I have only brought Kellan, Mich, and  Leith with me and left all forty others behind. I gaze over them all, the only differences between them is there bone structure in there faces, other than that they are all the same. Short brown hair and dark blue eyes. Every single one of them the same, even the human women that the men mate with. I am the only different one, and they see that is a miracle and sign for leadership.
The smell of Vampyre fills my nostrils and I immediately stand guard, “Do not transform. We will see what they want, if they make a move, attack, if not, stand your ground..”
At the top of the hill I see Nash and ten or so other Vamps make there way towards us. My body fights my muscles to not turn into my other self.
“Farrah, nice to see you again, especially in your human form,” Nash says with a slim smile on his face but his eyes very relaxed and calm. This frightens me, when he usually wants to fight his eyes our flaming with hatred.
“Ha, it is never a pleasure to see you,” I growl at him.
His dark red eyes flicker with something of sorrow. I am immediately confused. What is up with him? I scan the rest of his group and they are looking everywhere but me.  There eyes are on my pack, probably waiting to see if they attack.
“There is something I need you to do for me,” He smiles. “Well for us.”
Huh? “And what is that?”
He walks closer and my nostrils get a stronger whiff of him, and oddly this time my body relaxes. No, it needs to be alert not soothed, what is wrong with me?
“You need to come with me. Only you though, no one from you pack may come along,” As the word pack flows out of his mouth he glares angrily at the others before relaxing his gaze back on me.
Chills begin to race down my spine. His eyes... there's something about them.
“No! I will not go with you nor will I leave my pack!” I forget all about they way his eyes were making me feel and became full with anger.
“Then I will fight, you will not be harmed however but the rest will.”
“Farrah let us attack before they do,” Mich voice fills my head.
Honestly I don't know what to do.
“Come on!” Kellan and Leith both kick in now.
“It will be way easier if you just come voluntarily,” Nash says watching my every move.
“We will fight,” I send through the minds of my pack and I see there bodies begin to shake with excitement and then begin to transform.
“Attack them!” Nash yells to him warriors but still keeps his eyes on me.
I glare at him and begin to send a signal of help to the other pack members that are spread randomly throughout the forest.
I hear a whimper and hastily turn my head towards the noise and see that Mich is now lying on the ground with two vamps holding him down. Kellan and Leith are struggle against all of Nash's men. It's time for me to turn. My muscles rip and I feel my skin stretching and body begin to twist. I am use to the pain so it no longer hurts. As my four paws hit the ground I lunge for Nash.
“You should have just come the easy way Farrah,” He hisses and his eyes now have the flames in them.
My teeth sink into his shoulder and he laughs, “You have to do better than that.”
He kicks me off of him and I fall on my side. Before I know it I am surrounded by Nash's men.

I ache and my limbs feel like mush; I'm back in my human form.
“Farrah? Are you awake?”
My eyes quickly open at the sound of his voice. Nash's voice. I am laid on a large square rock with symbols carved on the edges. Sitting up I try to get off but there seems to be some barrier that won't allow me too.
“Why can't I get off?” I ask Nash with interest mixed with anger.
“You cannot until your transformation is done, my love,” He says with a smooth voice.
“What! First of all I am not your love and second, what transformation? You want me to turn into my wolf form, why?”
He laughs and walks over to the stone that holds me, “Farrah you are my wife to be, the soon to be Queen of the Vampyres. The transformation is taking away your wolf form and replacing it with the Vampyre gene.”
I stare at him blankly. Does he actually believe that this will happen. This is all so crazy that I begin to laugh and he immediately turns angry.
“You don't believe me? Go ahead try to turn into a wolf. That part of you is already gone. You are merely a human at the moment. Soon to become a vampyre...”
The way his eyes are flashing make me worried. I try to transform but I can't feel my wolf soul in me. He is right! Anger boils inside me, “How could you even do this to me. We are enemies not someone you should want to marry and turn into your own kind! How is this even possible?”
His eyes soften and they turn to a medium shade of red, “Farrah, have you not noticed the power between us? The reason I have not fought you for so long? I have been longing for you.”
I watch as he slowly places his hand upon mine. As soon as he touches my body it feels as if it is floating towards the ceiling. My heart races and begs for more of him. Nash's face lights up as he stares at my reaction.
“Wh-What? How?” I mumble and then pull my hand back from the shock.
“I know it surprised me first. When I was told you were my soul mate I just started laughing. That was when I hated you of course. This is...”
I cut him off, “Soul mates? You have got to be kidding me.”
He sighs, “That is exactly how I felt when I was first told too. Hold on I will get one of the elders to tell you the prophecy.”
Gliding away with an emotion of grief portrayed on his face I begin to feel sad as well. But why?
It doesn't take long for Nash to return. He walks back into the room with his blonde hair a little messy. This was probably from running at his supersonic speed and his dark eyes actually showing excitement.
Behind him follows an old man, and due to Vamps ages, he is most likely around five thousand years old.
“Farrah this is Gerriah.”
Gerriah's eyes search mine and he smiles, “Welcome Farrah, you are just as beautiful I have been told.”
“Well thank you, but I rather you just tell me what this stupid prophecy is,” I say with a hint of an attitude.
“You are beautiful, the most in all the lands,” Nash smiles as the words flow from his mouth. It disappears however when I send him a deathly look.
“Yes, yes the Prophecy.
'A maiden wolf born as the leader of them all
Is to fight at the top until her time is done
To join her enemy as one
A transformation is to be made on the stone of Liamth
This will make her new and no longer herself
Young Prince of Vampyres the soul mate of her
Will ask her hand in marriage to be the Queen
Bringing all together...'
That is all we could uncover the rest has been burned off.” Gerriah's eyes are bright from telling this to me.
I won't accept this. My people need me and I can't abandon them, “This maiden is not me. Even if so what would happen to my pack, my people? They will fight for me until you all die.”
“My lady, I believe you becoming one of us may to unite us all together, to bring peace,” The old man's eyes are tired and now dull but there are bits of hope fighting to be shown.
“I need time to think,” I blurt out but it is true. Nash leans in and kisses my cheek making my heart race once more. They both make there way out of the room and I pull my knees up to my chest. There is no denying now that I am to be with Nash. I feel it in me and in no way possible I am able to get rid of this feeling. It is here for good. I am not in love with him and I know that will soon change, but he will have to work for it. Worrying that I will fall for him quickly and not even allow myself some time to it. I push him aside and focus on my pack, what will I do about them? If I show up freshly a Vampyre, they will believe I was a traitor and kill me immediately, not even asking how. Or am I wrong?
All of a sudden a pain rushes through my body and I know the final transformation is in process not allowing me to think anymore about what will happen.

I awaken to the sound of footsteps coming towards me. My body flings off of the rock with such speed that I am taken back.
“Darling, I am sorry to have awaken you, I was just coming to check in,” Nash laughs and I stare in amazement as his body is surrounded by light is only around him, making him stand out.
This speed and vision is all new. I was fast before but not this fast. The vision part, well never was one person lit up.
“Why are you shining?” I whisper to him, meaning to say it louder.
“The Vampyre you are attracted to shines, but you can make them stop shining on command if you already know who it is. Just concentrate and make your eyes force the area around me to be dimmer,” He smiles and I can tell he is enthused that he is the shining man in my eyes.
Doing as he says the light begins to dim until the area around him is perfectly normal, “Better.”
“Come over here and take a look at yourself,” Nash points at a mirror and I make my way for it. I totally forgot that I would look different as well but not that big of a change.
My appearance at first startles me. The tan of my skin is no longer there, instead, it is replaced with a sheen of snow white that makes my black hair, more black, if that is even possible. I open my mouth and find two large fangs that are begging to be used. Blood. My mind races only concentrating on the thought of blood.
“Here,” Nash says leaning his neck to the side. “It is not human but it will help calm you done for the mean time.”
With out thinking I go for his neck and sink my teeth in. Warm blood makes its way into my mouth and down my throat causing me to moan with pleasure. I thought before that bloodsucking was repulsive but now all I can think is how addicted I already was. Gulping it down, I feel Nash squirm.
“Farrah, I think it's time for you to stop, I'm going to need some strength to get around.”
Forcing myself to pull away I frown at him. I could have drained him whole.
“If you thought I was good, wait until you taste human blood,” He smiles and reaches to tuck hair behind my ear. “I love how your eyes stayed the same, I thought I was going to lose them.”
He was right, my reflection shows that my bright green eyes stayed the same, shining just as much as always. The corners of my mouth rise.
“I am glad that makes you happy.”
It does make me that, through this I get to keep something special to me, my eyes. No one else in the wolf or Vampyre races have my color eyes.
“My pack,” I whisper instantly remembering.
“We will get to them, I promise.”
Strangely I believe him. I gaze into his eyes and he starts to lean towards me, his lips press against mine and my stomachs does flips, I push my body closer, all I want is him. I was gasping for air when he pulled back.
“Darling, I know you may still not want to be mine, but will you marry me?” Nash asks as he got down on one knee and held my hand.
Shock made its way through me. I thought we would have more time. I didn't know he was going to ask so soon.
“Is this because of the prophecy?” I ask staring down at him.
“Yes and no. Mostly I want you to agree because I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are who I want and no one else matters. All my thoughts are on you and just thinking about you now with me kills me,” The look in his eyes makes me want to cry. They are pure, and I can tell he means it with all his heart. “I will never hurt you, I know I have in the past and I am sorry for that.”
All his words come out fast, like he wants to make sure I know at exactly this time.
“Yes, I will marry you,” Saying this surprises myself. First, turning into a Vampyre? And now becoming the Queen of them? My people will definitely hate me now. I forget all about this as Nash picks me up and kisses me so softly as if I'm a feather. I can feel him smiling as he pulls back, “I love you.”
“I do-don't know if I love you yet, I may need some time on that one. I'm sorry,” I tell him and see his face drop.
“As your soon to be husband I will do what ever it takes to make you happy and to help you towards the feeling of love to me,” He replies rubbing his thumb against my cheek.
I smile and his face turns serious.
“What?” I ask.
“Now is the time for the difficult part,” He answers.
He can tell that I am confused so he continues, “We have to go unite our people.”
“Oh, that is not difficult. That is scary,” I tremble afraid of what will happen.
“Don't worry my people are happy that you have joined us, it is just your people we need to talk to, and the last I heard your whole pack was heading towards the palace.”
“They are going to be furious,” I mumble.
“I will not allow them to be mad at you, my love,” He says as he reaches for my hand.
It will take some getting use to all this love talk by him, but I am up for it. My hand intertwines with his and we make our way to the door.

Submitted: July 18, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Haley Renee. All rights reserved.

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Hey, a Vampyre and the Wolf pack! Lols, this story reminds me of the Twilight Saga, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Under World, & other vampire movies/shows. Gosh, Werewolves never win that competition! Ugh, I love wolves! Team Jacob here! C:

Anyways, Nash is a nice Vampyre :) Soon to be a great king of the pack. Wow, you left me hanging in the end. I wonder if the wolf pack will be okay that one of their leaders turned into a Vampyre. :S

Okay, criticism. Ugh, we all hate them! You're not the only one who will get these! You've been warned! :O

Lols, there were fragments. I saw errors, such as "there bodies..." Should have been "Their". Can you space out the paragraphs? I didn't like them joined together like that style you had.

I'm done with the criticism! I enjoyed reading this material. Great imagination! Using ideas which are now used but you've made it to something else. :) Farrah is an awesome character! I can relate! ;) She's that tough girl, which you hardly see in stories! XD It's a good thing, doll!

Thank you for participating! Thank you for letting me read this story! :) I love the length, too! I mean, it's like a chapter in a novel! :D

Wish the best of luck to you!

Yours truly,


Mon, July 18th, 2011 3:12am


Lol I had my friends read it and they said the same thing lol, and sigh I didnt see that lol, and I will try when I have some spare time, and thanks :)

Mon, July 18th, 2011 7:16am


I meant to comment on your novel, but i am far to busy to read it and give it justice, shorts work much better with my busy schedule.

I'm sure the person above meant nothing bad when they said it reminds them of twilight and true blood etc. but that is the worse thing an author can here about their works. I know they meant it positively and with no harm intended, but all that should tell you is that the piece lacks originality. i would agree with her, its very much like the aforementioned titles.

Yet, this is not a bad thing, you are a young writer, and the way authors develop into their own voices and styles is by mimicking what they enjoy reading/watching. This is an important step for you into developing the author/writer/creator you will become. Embrace it, keep doing this, because it is doing nothing but giving you a creative outlet to share your interests.

Yet, know in the back of your mind, that the key in writing is originality (a real author knows it doesn't really exists, there are no truly 'new' stories that have never been told, but there are different skins/styles/lens' one can alter and adapt into something new.

So far what i have read of yours have been in first person. Did you know first person is one of the most difficult perspectives one can write in? Its also very limited to the narrators own knowledge within the said story. I would play with some alter perspectives, i love third person omnipotent, it allows for much more freedom and even a muse like voice for interpretations. You do write will in the first person though, so i wouldnt say its a change needed, but everyone should dabble a bit in different techniques.

Your passion for writing shows, thats the key. I also feel like you pace yourself well, although i think there are pieces to the narrative that get lost due to the quick pacing. You remind me alot of my earlier writings, lots of dialouge, little description, and very fast moving. None of this is bad, but take a step back and look at some of the paragraphs where you "show" and do not "tell". Dont tell me she is on a square rock with carvings, show me, put in the senses, how it feels, how it smells, this is first person and yet the actual physical feelings of the character are left out in many places that could bring this world to life a bit more.

Kudos for the story.

Mon, July 18th, 2011 5:43am


It is quite fine :) and well I didn't really think of those types of stories. This just popped into my head because I felt it was different. I try to be original :o guess I should step that up. I enjoy writing in first person, I find the others harder to write, but I will give the other perspective a try :) and I did pace myself, I was trying to get this piece finished because it was bothering me. I don't really write short stories because I don't know where to start or end really. I know what I want to write but I always want to make it longer lol. Also I will work on the description :) thank you for reading :)

Mon, July 18th, 2011 7:25am


You couldn't be more right. When it comes to difficulty from a poem/short/novel standpoint, it falls in that same category. poems are by far the hardest, then shorts, then novels for the same reason you suggest (alot of people struggle where to begin a short). In a poem you have a few lines, maybe a paragraph or a page to get your story/idea across, which means every single word is of the most important, then a short you have what, five to twenty pages to get an entire narrative to get across. A novel you have an endless amount of pages to work with. Most people who have never written would think opposite, poems would be easier because they're shorter, no way is that true.

So here's my suggestion, never force your narrative to end, when you force it, it tends to not reach its potential. I feel like when i'm writing, i have no control over whats going on, and i'm just along for the ride, when it stops, i stop, sometimes for weeks on a certain project, i will put my pen down and work on one of my other topics until that one breathes life back into my conscience.

So, another tip, because i used to struggle the same way with shorts, and in all my writing groups i have had, especially in the lower level ones, this gets brought up all the time. People find it hard to start out writing anything (shorts especially) because it is so important to start off perfect and catching the readers eye.

-Dont let it get to you, sit down and start writing, when it comes to shorts, start at a very easy beginning, even the origin of your character, just write it down. Let it naturally progress into your story. Then go back after your fairly well through the story, and know that your looking for where the story begins, sometimes you cut out three entire unneeded pages, but you will find it. Most young writers find it hard to hit the delete key over their work, especially entire pages, but it gets easier as it goes, and it makes any story tighter and more cohesive. Less is always better.

also, i have digital downloads for my fantasy novel at

its free, if your ever bored hit it up.

Mon, July 18th, 2011 3:38pm


I hate writing poems, yuck lol. I just never really enjoyed them, and that lead to not liking to write them I guess. Thank you for the great advice :) I will work my hardest to cool myself when I get aggravated and want it to end. My horror novel, that is when I just let it flow, I don't think I have gotten mad at that one yet. Anyways I will really listed to your advice, and I will check it out when I have a free moment :)

Mon, July 18th, 2011 5:23pm


...DAMMIT!!!! Why does everyone have to make a long a** comment???!!! It makes my tiny comment feel small, weak... DAMMIT!!!

Well, I may be some horror fanatic, but as i said in my profile, fantasies are my thing. I'm good with just about anything. Except when people write a short story about every detail of a fictional novel of getting raped... :(


I feel so down about the comment... Watch! Another person is going to come on here and be all; BIG COMMENT TIME!!!... My poor comment feels so insecure... lol

Mon, July 18th, 2011 8:56pm


Don't worry the ones above we're just giving me advice, really. Well thank you, I appreciate that you think that :) and your comment was fine, don't worry, it made me happy :)

Mon, July 18th, 2011 5:25pm

Iithaen Thurulargh

Cool story. Pacing threw me off in a couple of spots, but well done.

Tue, July 19th, 2011 1:17am


Thank you, and sorry :o

Mon, July 18th, 2011 6:24pm

Flynn Rider

so I was eating icecream when I decided to check booksie...I saw your comment and well I read this....totally forgot my icecream and it melted all over my shirt and pants...I thought it was funny

I really liked this...I read it twice, got my family to read it...they really like it too and we all hope that you win the contest

Tue, July 19th, 2011 3:26am


Lol I'm sorry :o I didn't mean to make you forget about your icecream lol, and Ahh thanks :) I'm glad you enjoyed this and glad your family did also :)

Tue, July 19th, 2011 10:31am

Loretta Jane

Truly a work of art. Incredibly written. Truly amazing. Good luck with the contest ^^ KMU....

Tue, July 19th, 2011 6:14am


Thanks :)

Tue, July 19th, 2011 10:32am

Miss Maegan

I liked it! I would enjoy reading another part, but the end really leaves a lot to the imagination which is different and good (its nice being able to draw your own conclusions sometimes).

And I know that people have pointed out the technical errors, so there's no need to go into that again, lol.

But if there is another part, kmu?

Wed, July 20th, 2011 4:03am


Lol thanks and yeah... sigh. I don't know yet, I am going to think about it lol but if so yes I will :)

Tue, July 19th, 2011 10:01pm


I started reading your novel and it looks amazing! LOL, I am team Jacob. So, I do hope all goes well for the wolves. I shall continue soon. ~Meghan

Wed, March 28th, 2012 4:23pm


Lol thanks, but this is only a short story. I am glad you liked it! :)

Wed, March 28th, 2012 1:36pm

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