Be yourself and no-one else.

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Something I wrote a while ago.

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012




Poetry is what you want it to be, a hobby, a talent, a job, a key;

To your feelings, your emotions, your heart, when you're about to fall apart;

But just stay strong, chin held high;

You need to be independent, without a girl or guy;

Tear it up, all the way;

Give no one a single chance to say;

That you didn't give it your all;

Trust and rely in only yourself;

Because no one else can really give you the help, that you truly need;

No one else you soon will see;

Let out all your anger, and hold nothing back;

Just leave your opponent still intact;

Forgive always, and forget nothing;

Make sure you realize that everyone is worth something, in this hell that we call the blessing of life;

True love does exsist, but that doesn't mean that you'll find yours;

Plan nothing and be spontaneuous, heartache is the only thing time can cure;

Be who you are and no one else;

Live your life without a bit of stealth;

Be loud and proud, fierce with piercing words, that only hurts the minds of those who don't think;

Feel every emotion times ten, because you only live one life;

Be yourself and no one else, don't be afraid to make some noise;

Because life is too short to remain silent.

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