A Better Me

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This is just a simple poem about how I am recovering from being very unhappy for a while.

Submitted: July 06, 2012

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Submitted: July 06, 2012



So looking at this pain

That's controlled me for so long,

In the beginning I was weak,

But now I've become so strong.


I've felt the warmth of laughter,

And the sting of every cry,

The smile in every hello,

And the frown in every goodbye.


The pain, it led to anger.

Always getting me into trouble.

I've found out my true friends

Who always helped me when I strugged.


People have mistaken me,

I have mistaken myself.

And it when my mistake when

I was hurt but didn't ask for help.


I'm still in the process of getting happy,

I'll keep telling myself I can.

I won't let people push me down.

I can't be anything more than what I am.


I won't let myself fall apart

Once I am happy again.

I will have my sad days,

But I know that it's not the end.


I crave to become a happy girl,

And happy is what I'll be.

I'm learning how to stand tall and be strong,

And to be a better me.

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