Monkey-ing around

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The 3 wise monkeys
see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Submitted: May 06, 2008

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Submitted: May 06, 2008



 The  3 wise Monkey's are back with a new campaign

It's called " Don't feel it , think it  or act  Independantly ".

" Just do exactly what I say "

 The Religious obey because they believe their God really understands,

  And all this, is  all part of some devine plan .

And the political think  that democracy

is the best thing since sliced cheese and lazer aided battlefields .

  and people seem to miss the bit about 51-49 % majority

tilting the balance of any equality .

I want to laugh

But some how the smile won't fit  my face.

I look at Humanity

  and I am in total disgrace.

I want to change species

  not just sides.

I believe animals have more dignity,

morality and pride .

I am sick of being human,  Sick of what it means

Give me back my jungle give me clean air to breath .

Iam  bored of  all these corperate clowns

  trying desperately to  entertain the crowds

convincing them that a make over or take over

is the best sollution for the frown .

Give me back  autonomy

  leave me in peace .

Don't try and convince me

  I personally  have any enermies.

Why  should where you were born

  dictate to you your  human rights.

Freedom is what ?Liberty is what?

 What, to you , is LIFE?

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