Opposites attract

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A short Quantum journey into creation .and why you are better of with nothing .

Submitted: March 10, 2008

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Submitted: March 10, 2008



Once upon a time before what we call the big bang. Was a something that consisted of everything and occupied everywhere. A solid form of infinity .

Now if you're a something that occupies everywhere and consists of everything. There a a few things to consider.

1) There is nowhere to go , no space left to expand into.

2)Without Motion there cannot be Time (as we know it)

3)without motion there can be no thought.(even if it were a conscious something. It would be unable to express it)

4)There would be no external references to anything. So It would not be able to form an identity of self.

So That's all Something was and had been for an eternity. An everything that occupied everywhere without actually knowing it !

But Something was about to change.

(Now it wasn't a spark or explosion or even a temendously huge big bang. But it might as well have been . Imagine the jolt of a Eureka moment when you've had a really good Idea. Then also imagine the physical shock after you have just been startled by a surprise .Now combine both sensations , magnify and multiple by Infinity and your pretty damn close to the effect .)

Instantly Something now suddenly found itself face to face with a Nothing.(which is a bit of a shock especially if you have never experienced a Nothing before and when the Nothing is as high and wide and comparative in size as yourself ) Now up until this event Something had been blissfully unaware of its own existence .But In ten trillionths of a nano second upon meeting Nothing, It had physically understood and practically demonstrated every conceivable possibility of self and new without a doubt that Nothing clearly wasn't Part of It .but what ever this Nothing was, it allowed Something to be far more than it ever had been before . Something began to vibrate with excitment .

In that same instant Nothing Stared back (as much as it could being a nothing) It had only ever known nothingness and as such was aware of nothing .A nameless, beingless, empty emptyness. Only the fact of now coming face to face with a Something did it realise what it was(n't). Before that event it had only ever known being a nothing, infact it really really hadn't known being anything, even to say it was a void would be too much detail .It was pure nothing . And being a nothing had meant being unlimited .it could go anywhere because there was nowhere , it had no limitations (except of form)as a nothing, It could never be hindered and never be stopped and never contained.

A weird feeling, a kind of clostrophobia filled Nothing. It tried to make itself look bigger but the Something just seemed to stay as big and so In ten trillionth of a nano second Nothing broke down Something into its most tiniest of quantum componants and put a gap the size of a standard gallaxy around each part . It suddenly saw the endless possibilities it could be . All the different shapes and forms it could now take as it folded itself around Something .it saw all that it wasn't and wanted so desperately to be it . Nothing got very excited and began to break down each of the idividual quantum componants into billions of bits putting even bigger gaps inbetween the gazillion gazillion gazillion little pieces and then Nothing done the same again and again to each of those pieces . it was not long before Nothing had merged completely into Something.The two things had now become one with the same unique properties . They had become pure energy .

And it is as pure energy that something and nothing now dance together through our existence shaping our reality aswell as our perception of it.

The beginning.

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