Amber and the Fairy Topaz

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Amber and her sisters are in trouble and they are against the one who wants to kill them most? Will they survive? Find out in this thrilling short story.

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013




The girl fingered the piece of topaz. It was probably very valuable. She looked down at her clothes. They were old and raggedy. She could sell the topaz and buy some new clothes! She looked around. Where was she? In her excitement to come to the forest, she had lost sight of the village. She cautiously took three steps backward then, disappeared from the Earth. That was the one mistake that ruined everything.

Ch. 1

"Oh my gosh, what did you do? You totally ruined my purple nail polish!" That was what I heard every day. Screeching, running, yelling, you name it. Those people with sisters, you know how I felt. I had three. My older sister, Rosita, stormed into the room. "Amber, get Lizzie in here now! We need to talk." I sighed. It was only Friday after school, and I already wanted Monday to come. Rosita's wings flapped softly behind her. Yeah, I said wings. Don't get yourself worked up over it. "Lizzie!" I called down the hall. She popped her head innocently around the door. "Yes, Amber?" "Go get Emily," Rosita snapped. "Make it fast." Lizzie grinned mischievously and saluted. "Yes ma'am!" Well, weren't we one big happy family? Not.

Ch. 2

I definitely looked out of place with my three sisters. They all had wings, yet for some reason, I didn't. I honestly don't know why. Rosita's wings were a dark purple and today she was wearing a beautiful dark blue dress that was almost black. It was the same color as her hair. She had just turned fourteen and carried herself with the manner of an annoying teenager. Emily had forest green wings and was wearing my old blue teamwork shirt with a yellow skirt. She was eight, had wavy brown hair, and she was also the one I 2

fought with the least. Lizzie had little light pink wings, long, curly, blonde hair, and was wearing a light green shirt and a pink skirt. I, on the other hand, was nothing special. I had sandy blonde/brown hair that looked like sticks and had on plain purple shorts and I blue top on (Rosita's hand-me-downs). Anyway, we all gathered in our little meeting room. It was the first time we had gone in there since Mom and Dad had died. Rosita looked at me and I could tell we were both thinking the same thing. She leaned over and whispered to me, "What if their memory comes back?" Rosita had had to wipe away Emily and Lizzie's memory. "Stop whispering!" Lizzie whined. I grimaced, thinking of that horrible day. Emily met my eyes. 'You okay?' she mouthed. I nodded. She didn't even know had gone on, yet she was still worried. How sweet. "Okay," Rosita said, getting our attention. “First things first. I ran out of purple nail polish because someone (she glared at Lizzie) knocked all of it over.” Lizzie rolled her eyes while Emily muttered sarcastically, “Houston, we have a problem.” I bit my lip to keep from laughing. “Also, Amber, I think we should all have a bigger allowance.” Everyone looked at me. I sighed. Money was always an issue. Rosita and Emily worked and traded with fairies to get some money and objects that we need, like milk, gems, and honey, but I did all the real-world work. I would do little jobs all over town. We lived in a little cottage town on Lake Bartholomew in Michigan. Everyone knew everyone in this town. I did know that most people didn’t see my sister’s wings, but if they thought four kids living alone was strange, they didn’t ever say anything. So, usually I would do little errands for the people in town. “Guys, I’m sorry. We don’t have enough money for bigger allowances.” Everyone groaned. “But, I will take you all out to Tory’s to buy ice cream.” Tory’s was a 3

little general store that was in the town. It had trinkets and little things to buy. That’s not why people went though. Their ice cream was the best in the whole world! “Yay! I call Rainbow Sherbet!” “No way! I get it!” I intercepted a possible fight between Lizzie and Emily. “You can both get Rainbow Sherbet. Lizzie, while we’re there though, you have to buy Rosita some new purple nail polish.” Everyone now looked happy. Well, I probably didn’t. I had a dark look on my face. “Hey, Rosita, you said first things first. What was the other thing you-“I stopped when I got a look from Rosita.  “Hey, Emily, why don’t you go see if the Parkingtons next door will take you and Lizzie tubing on the lake. I’m sure they would love to.” Rosita said. Emily beamed. “Okay!” They trotted off. Rosita then turned to face me. “We’re going to die.”

Ch. 3

“WHAT?” I screamed. “Shush!” she said quietly. “Wha-why?”  “Well, we don’t know how come I’m a fairy, right?” “Okay…” I said, prompting her on. “Well, they figured out how Emily, Lizzie, and I became fairies. A long time ago, one girl found a crystal.  One problem, the crystal was a fairy in disguise.” I gasped. Everyone knew the Fairy Code. If any non-fairy believer came across a fairy, the fairy turned into the human and vice versa. “So that means…” Rosita finished my sentence. “Our mother was that crystal. She was a fairy named Topaz”. I understood now. If my mother had been a fairy and my father was human, that was why my sisters where fairies. That human that had been turned into a fairy probably resented our mother for that. Once that human/fairy found out our mother was dead, she’ll be coming after us.



Ch. 4

The walk back from Tory’s was in silence. I was thinking about what Rosita had said. Our mother was a fairy. A new fairy was coming after us. The thoughts kept swimming around in my head. It was like Rosita had handed me a baby puppy and said for me to feed, water, and clean up after it when I didn’t want to. I was so lost in thought I didn’t even notice Emily screaming. “AMBER WATCH OUT!” Something barreled into me. All I could see was yellow and blue. Then my sight cleared. There was a fairy flapping above me, holding Emily by her wings. They looked like they were about to rip. Then I understood. Emily had run in to me so the fairy would take her instead of me. The fairy smiled. “My name is Topaz. At least, it is now. Soon, it will be Amber.” The last puzzle piece of my life clicked into place. Of course…I actually was a fairy. A stone fairy; awesome! That means I can transform into a piece of…ooohhh, that’s why I was named Amber. I could transform into a piece of amber. “Ahhrrrgg!” Oh, whoops, I totally forgot that we were in the middle of a fight. I looked up and saw that Emily was being tortured. “Alright, which one of you is the stone fairy? I know it can’t be you, human.” So, she didn’t understand that some stone fairies don’t have wings. I heard all my sisters screaming. Something inside me broke. This fairy Topaz was not going to mess with my sisters. She had chosen the wrong fairy family. I charged at her, leaping up into the air and hit her in the eye. I missed her eye and got the edge of one of her (topaz) blue wings. It clipped the end off. She spiraled down towards the Earth, letting go of Emily in the process. I rushed to catch her (Emily, not Topaz, I would never catch that tyrant). She landed in my arms. I sighed. She was safe. Topaz melted into the Earth, almost


evaporating. “Well, that’s over.” Everyone was shaken up. “What? Where?” Emily stuttered. As we walked up the hill, I explained everything. The past turned out to be fixed. The human’s big mistake turned good. We now have bonds that are tighter than ever. Maybe I was wrong when I said we weren’t one happy family. We are a family, we are happy, and together, we are one.









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