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Family, this is one i my first writings. So I wrote this to show the great value Family has in our life. Family is something very spacial.

Submitted: May 18, 2010

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Submitted: May 18, 2010



Family, it’s a nice thing to have.
To know that someone loves you even though they may make you mad.
Waking up every morning and thanking the God above.
For giving you a family to show you love.
You will have troubles and arguments,
But pray together and the easier it will get.
Continue to love one another
Respect your Mother and Father.
Children don’t provoke them to anger,
But instead let there be much love and laughter.
Encourage one another each day,
So that in the future it will all repay.
All your sorrows take together,
Because love will help you endure forever.
Family, is very special to have in this life,
Through the pain of this world and all its strife.
Your family should always be there even in the coldest night,
Through all the turns of life and your deepest fright.
Love one another day by day,
Don’t let it be too late to say:
“I love you my family tomorrow and today”
Don’t wait another day don’t wait until they pass away,
Because what good do flours do,
When they’re in the cold and sorrowful tomb.
So again I say:
Love your family today,
Cherish every moment you have with them,
Never forget that they are your true friends.
-God bless you, love your Family.

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