The Truth About Werewolves

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Its time for the truth to come out.

Submitted: November 18, 2015

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Submitted: November 18, 2015



So I'm still working on part 5 of Vampire Blood, its taking more time than I expected.  But I was writing it and thought, maybe to many people think that is just fiction.  Maybe to many people think that werewolves and vampires are just fake creatures created by a creative mind, I'm here to tell you thats not true at all.  Vampires and werewolves are real, I should know, I'm a werewolf alpha.  And I'm here to set the facts straight.  Werewolves are real, and we mean you no harm, but that doesn't mean you should walk up to any random wolf though, theres a fine line between werewolves, and normal wolves.  You can become a werewolf in 4 diffrent ways listed here:
1. You can be Born with lycanthropy (werewolfism).

2. You can be cursed with it.

3. You can be bitten by a werewolf alpha.

4. You can use one of two magic spells (magic is real, and I may or may not put up some spells for you guys another time).

If you are born with werewolfism, you wont change under the full moon untill you hit puperty, which is around 13-15 years of age.  If you are cursed with it, bitten by an alpha, or use a spell, you will first change the next time you see the full- moon.  Thats another myth, werewolves are forced to change by the full moon.  A werewolf has to look at the full moon to change, its optional, kinda.  Another myth is that everytime a werewolf changes, they will feel imense pain.  Also not true, you will feel alot of pain your first time, but after that it will start to fade as your body starts getting use to the change.  After your 5th change, you wont feel any pain at all, just a tingling sensation.  Werewolves also have full control over their wolf forms and stay completely consious the whole time, there, another myth layed to rest.  Now, if any of you want to become a werewolf for yourself and see how amazing it really is, or start your own pack, heres a spell to become a werewolf alpha, I used it six years ago, and it worked for me.  

When you are in the forest at night make sure you have the full moon shining at you face (it must be dark), Say this 10 times with the full moon light on your face without failing:


By the light of the moon and our piercing howls we are further

transformed into cunning beasts from the circle of life to the evolution of man I shall be

reawakened as one with the land.

Howls are heard from far and near.

The moon shines on the pack. Running,howling,

barking, fierce as the cold snow.

Make me as I was meant to be,a werewolf dark as night.

This is my will so shall it be!

To shift to what's now going to be inside me,

I will Be most powerful with my pack. All my

Senses will Be 100 times better than a regular

human, my eyes red, fangs and claws. This is my will, So Mote It Be!


Side effects:

As an Alpha, You will be able to turn others into werewolves by biting them or injecting your blood into there system.

Your eyes will turn red sometimes.

You will grow claws sometimes.

You will grown long fangs sometimes.

You will turn into a werewolf when its the full moon (also when your are asleep).

You will have an uncontrolable anger.

Memory loss from transformations the first times.

Urges to be in the forest.

Urges to turn people into Werewolves and build a pack.

Super Strong.

Super Fast.

Better hearing.

Better senses.

Better hearing.

Urges to howl,bark,growl.





Better body.


this may not work for girls for some reason, so heres one specificly for girls.

First off it has to be daylight and you have to be outside and you have to say this chant three times.


"Witches one and witches all I wish to be a werewolf. I wish to be able to transform into a wild animal I'm a werewolf. I shall turn into a werewolf every night when I see the moon I shall turn into a werewolf with (color) fur. So make this me. This is who I wish to be! SO MOTE IT BE!!!!"


say that spell three times when its daylight and be outside and then that night when you see the full moon you should turn into a werwolf.  You wont be a werewolf alpha, but you'll still be a werewolf.  Thanks for reading and enjoy being a werewolf, if you chose to become one.

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