Vampire blood part 6

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Sorry again about the long wait, I swear on my own blood part 7 will come out a lot faster.

Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



My life was getting stranger by the minute.  First, I became a vampire, then I found out my best friend Rochelle was a werewolf, and now we were going in the middle of the woods to meet Logan Hall, her alpha.  Even Conner was a part of her pack.  "I'm telling you, this is a stupid idea." Tyler said.  Tyler was Logan's second in command or something like that.  He had short black hair and green eyes, like I used to.  he was tall and had a scar across his left cheek and another on his chest.  He wasn't wearing a shirt so everyone could see his six pack, but he was wearing blue jeans with a black leather belt and snake skin boots.  his belt buckle was in the shape of a skull.  "Lighten up Tyler, I've known her since kinder garden, we can trust her." Rochelle said.  "Just because you can trust her, doesn't mean the rest of us can." Tyler said glaring at her.  "You know I can hear you right?" I asked.  He acted as if I wasn't even there.  "I trust her." Conner said, "Of course YOU trust her, you'll trust anyone as sexy as her." Tyler said.  "Did you just compliment her?" Conner asked, "No! I was just...I know what I mean!" Tyler snapped.  Conner laughed, "Tyler was being nice! I don't believe it!" "Shut up!" Tyler yelled.  Rochelle was laughing to, I didn't get what was so funny.  "Stop or I'll MAKE you stop!" Tyler yelled again. Seriously, what is so funny, I I thought.  Then Tyler hit conner in the jaw and he stumbled back into a tree, everyone went silent.  "I warned y-" Tyler started but Conner charged at him and tackled him to the ground before he could finish.  Conner punched Tyler and Tyler kicked Conner off of him.  Tyler stood up and wiped the blood from his lower lip off.  He stared at it for a few seconds then glared at Conner, "Alright you little Piece of shit, BRING IT!"


Conner charged at him again but this time Tyler grabbed him by the neck and kneed him in the face.  Conner stumbled back, blood was dripping from his nose.  The smell of his Blood filled my nostrils and my stomach started to churn.  I grabbed my stomach and tried to ignore the feeling.  Conner rushed Tyler again and Tyler grabbed his arm and smashed it against a tree.  Conner yelled out in pain, and there was a loud crunch noise.  "ENOUGH!" someone yelled.  Every one looked at a boy wearing a red leather jacket and torn tan jeans.  He had steel tipped boots , black hair and yellow eyes.  "Thank god Logan is here." Rochelle mumbled under her breath.  "Logan! I can explain, he-" "Shut up!" Logan cut tyler off, "I don't want to hear it."  He looked over at Conner, "Your arm okay Conner?" He asked.  Conner stood up, grabbing his arm which dangled at his side, “No, I think it might be broken.” He said.  Logan nodded in agreement, “Yeah looks that way, KAT!” Logan yelled.  A girl came out of some nearby bushes, “How did you know I was there?” she asked. Logan pointed to his nose, “We’re werewolves, heightened Sense of smell remember?”.  Rochelle laughed then turned around to check on me and saw I was leaning against a tree grabbing my stomach, “Kelly, are you okay?” She asked.  I nodded, “Yeah I’m fine.” “You’re sure?” she asked again.  “Yes I’m sure.” I answered. Kat crossed her arms, “What is it anyway?” she asked.   She was wearing a black tank top with Jeans that she’d cut the legs off to be shorts and black leather boots.  Her hair was short and dyed a bright blue and she had grey eyes.  “Conner’s arm is broken, need you to patch him up.” Logan said.  Kat laughed, “Let me guess, Tyler was being an ass-hole again?” She asked.  Tyler glared and started walking towards her but Kat only smirked, “Come on bring it bitch.” “Tyler go home, just go home.” Logan ordered.  Tyler open his mouth to speak, but stopped and did as he was told.  Logan looked over at me, “Kelly In presume?” He asked.  I nodded, the feeling in my stomach had faded, “Yes sir.”  He laughed , “I appreciate the formality but you don’t  have to call me sir, just call me Logan okay?” “Yeah sure thing.” I said.  “Sorry about Tyler by the way, he’s always been more shoot first ask questions later.” Logan added.  I nodded and looked over were tyler was to see that Kat had already started wrapping his arm in bandages, “Are you a doctor Or something?” I asked.  “No, but my mom is, and since she knows I’m a werewolf, she taught me everything she knows, you know in case someone gets hurt.” Kat replied.  I nodded and looked back at Logan who had crossed his arms, “Unlike Tyler I’m a bit more openminded.” Logan said.  “More like ALOT more openminded.” Rochelle said.  Logan continued, “And I don’t know why but I got a good feeling about you, something tells me you might be able to help us.”  I nodded, So now Logan wants ME to help HIM with something I thought, “With what?” I asked.  Logan looked serious, “First if you want to help, I need to know your doing it on your own free will, I don’t want to force you into anything.” He said.  I nodded, Yes i’m doing it on my own free will, so what do you need my help with?” I asked again.  Logan looked me did in the eye, “A war.”

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