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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The land is barren, and most of the water has dried up. No one knows how it happened, but all who still have hope, hope for only one thing. Mew. Drake is among them, and is starting his Pokemon journey. He wants to bring back Mew, but waking up Mew without causing the chaos of bringing back Darkrai and Giratina looks almost impossible. Almost is the only word Drake needs.

Table of Contents


Pokemon Scorch Red would be the games name :P, it's companion would be Pokemon Freeze Blue :) Read the story to find out why! Read Chapter

Chapter 1: Choices

Chapter 1: Choices I’m finally fourteen. The age for first pokémon had been changed from ten to fourteen because it was more dange... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: Fishing and Route 51

Chapter 2: Fishing and Route 51 I petted Digger on the head. We were a team now. “Good job Digger!” I told it and it dug a few ho... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: Gym Battle

Chapter 3: Gym Battle After sleeping at the Pokémon Centre, I had a whole new day ahead of me. I knew Punchai City had a Gym, so I d... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: Thomas

Chapter 4: Thomas I left Craig hating me and walked on to Route 52, where I wanted to catch at least one more pokémon. This was a lo... Read Chapter

Chapter 5: Interrupted Battle

Chapter 5: Interrupted Battle I wondered what to do now. Probably battle some trainers to get some experience. I looked around, and d... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: Grimy

  Chapter 6: Grimy I followed Craig outside, where I heard someone shout, “Help!” It was getting dark, and there was... Read Chapter