Angels vs. Demons

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sports  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Match betwixt Angels and Demons for Heaven... Read to know it....

Submitted: August 29, 2013

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Submitted: August 29, 2013



Angels vs. Demons



When the kingdom of Heaven

Was treacherously taken by the Evil

There were disputes and fights between them

It was decided that there would be a Match

A Match of Football! Angels vs. Demons!


The venue decided was the Earth

With hills and trees, birds and animals

The Demons with their hairy breasts

Chose a suitable place, while

The Angels in white were given the unsuitable.


The Demons were giants, red complexioned and strong

With horn; and chisels pointed from their mouths –

While the Angels were not as giants, but fair and feeble

Dressed in white robes and pure wings.


The match was quite different!

The Demons rode Pegasus’,

While the Angels rode Unicorn’s lead by Gabriel!

The Demons dirtied the Angels,

With terrestrial dirt

But these pure hearts cared not!


The Heaven had turned sepia from azure

The match had rules only for the Angels

The Demons by treachery

Kicked two goals, propelling the Angels.


Pure nectar flowed from the Angels bodies….

The Demons took pleasure in it; there was mirth of evilness

The Dirty blood perspired from them

Their hairy breasts turned more black

They laughed and the Pegasus’ laughed!


The Match continued…..

By their courage and devotion,

The Angels kicked two; they were happy….

The dirt had dirtied them,

But they cared not!


The match was a TIE..!

What are they gonna do…?

It was decided! They had to appeal for a Superior help!

The Demons demanded the Devil for help

While the Angels begged for God’s Aid!


By the Almighty’s Aid,

The Angels scored one…!

By Satan’s potential,

The Demons too scored one!

But these Demons missed the second!

It was the last chance for the Angels….


Seeing this Gabriel cried – ‘Tarry Brethren! Devotion!

May the Almighty help thee! Take your chance!’

The Angel kicked the ball,

The ball flew….in air –


The keeper danced at the goal

He laughed – ‘I’ll stop it!’

The ball headed onward and onward

By the light of Almighty’s Grace it was….a GOAL!



There was joy. The Angels danced…

The Almighty was happy, very happy!

The Angels quoth – Satan can’t win o’er the Almighty!

There was joy and affection spread….

Surely, the Demons of Satan hath lost the match!


Ergo, the kingdom of Heaven

Was restored back to the Angels anon,

The Demons ere fated to take refuge in hell

The Heaven was immaculate sans any vile….

And it ever remained free of evil….

Wow…..Angels vs. Demons!

© Copyright 2020 Hameed1999. All rights reserved.

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