nowhere to run

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this is not a short story. its a short play. this came about as the result of a joke. its a bit rough so don't be to critical. enjoy.

Submitted: February 21, 2008

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Submitted: February 21, 2008




Alex Jones: curly haired blonde, lounge singer, classic beauty

Matthew Aaron Nolet, aka man: strong, suave, dark, handsome

Michael Poisson aka Mikey the fish: lanky, cold dead eyes, thick French accent.

Man2: same as the first but only a dream

All is not as it seems
Assume nothing
Nothing remains the same

(A slow beating strobe, MAN standing center stage. he is reading a news paper. he is wearing a trench coat and a fedora. he looks at his watch as if expecting something. a dark figure runs up and pistol whips him. BLACKOUT. He thud is heard.

Back lit behind a screen. The siluette of the man tied to a chair is seen. He awakes to find himself bound to a chair. He fights the restraints to no avail. He calms after a while. He looks at his surroundings. It is a small room with only the chair he sits on and its twin sitting by small table in the corner. He sees a knife stabbed into the table. He moves his chair towards it. Just as he reaches his captor enters. And pulls his chair backs to where it was.

(Grabbing the knife)
I see your trying to escape!
(Presses knife to MAN's throat)
We cant has that, can we? Now are you going to be a good little boy and behave?
(Man nods)
Good. Now lets get down to business. My boss tells me that you’re the pigeon shit that killed his woman. She was a singer at the labyrinth. Eh, you don’t recall? Allow me to jog your memory!
(Raises hand to hit MAN)
(Muffled scream from behind tape)
So you want to talk.
(Rips off tape, Pulls off sock, sit in chair and proceeds to put sock back on his foot.)
Ho-k I am ready, its time for you to sing...canary

Thought I was a pigeon.
Pigeons don’t sing.

Don’t try me ass hole!
(Throws shoe)

I’m fuckin' innocent!
(Seeing he's about to receive a beating)
A story you want, a story you get! It all started like this. Lets just say we had some history.
(Cross fade from screen to down stage right)
(Alex and man2 at a Cafe. man2 is writing in a black book.)

Why don’t you stop writing in your damn book, and look at me! If you only paid as much attention...

(Cutting her off)
What differnce would it make, I already know how it will go, how it always goes. It’s all written right here
(Turns pages)
Here this is how it goes isn't it!
Were here again
In this place
Sitting starring
When will the words come?

It’s a different place
But the same old tune
Both struggle to speak
Is anything new?

Its time we talked
Its time we share
Its time we changed
But we just sit and stare

You turn away
I stand to leave
You glance at me
And then you speak

The same old song
Again and again
The words have changed
But the scores the same

This is the end you say
But it’s just a charade
We both know we can’t escape
Were stuck in this pantomime
(Slams book)
It always goes that way this time is no different!

Oh but it is!
(Grabs book and runs out)

Get back here with that you bitch!
(Looks devastated, runs after her)
(Cross fade to screen)
(Mikey is seen in silluette ironing his tie, which is still on his neck)

(Still ironing)
So you mean to tell me you killed her over an argument in a coffee shop?

It’s not about the argument! It’s not about losing her! It’s about what she stole! I went into that shit whole, that den of sin, on the night she died.
Got myself a shot of jack, that’s when I heard it.
(Lights up on Alex standing at a mic)

Please don’t wake me
When you leave
I want this night
To last forever
Our bodies entwined
Our minds united
(Light out)

She stole my words! The biggest insult she could have given me! So I waited in the ally.
(Enter man2. center stage left. dimly lit.)
It didn’t take her long. Right on time.
(Enter Alex upstage left. once she's past him. Man2 grabs her from behind and stabs her in the neck. Stage left goes dark. The sound of dragging is heard)
I dumped her body in the river... how’s that for a story.

(Setting up a chess set in front of MAN)
I think you’re a chicken shit liar!

What’s your proof!

Her body was found on my boss’s front porch!

So you caught me in a lie. What the fuck are you doing?

Entertaining myself, waiting for my order to shoot. We are playing chess

A little hard, I’m tied up asshole!

Never call me that!
(Unties one leg)

Not scared I’ll run away?

Why would I? You have nowhere to run. Now want to try again? I’ll kill you quickly if you tell the truth.

Well the I see you give me little choice. Lets see if you believe this one shall we? They say there is a certain thrill a man gets when he kills. There right. But of course you would know that wouldn't you. I was tired of hookers and low lives. When I heard the crime lords woman was singing at the local den of debauchery I made my move.
(Cross fade to downstage right. MAN2 sitting at the table configured like a bar. He has two glasses and a bottle of jack Daniels. Alex enters upstage left and crosses to bar in front of Man2.)

Buy you a drink?

That depends on what kinda guy you are.

I'm the kinda guy with a fat wallet, and an appreciation for talented beautiful women such as your self. As well as having the ability to take you to the big time.

Well then I’ll have a jack on the rocks. If you would excuse me I’m going to freshen up then we can continue our conversation.

My pleasure.
(Pours drink. when she’s out of sight he rufees her drink.)
(Moments later Alex enters)

I don’t believe I caught your name.

Jack. Jack Beckett.
(Shaking hands)

Alex Jones, as you probably already know.

I heard your singing. It’s very good

Thank you, you’re very kind
(Rubs face)

Are you all right?

I’m fine. I just get a little dizzy sometimes. What label did you say you’re from?

Oh no label, I’m a talent scout for a club in lass Vegas.

(Looking woozy)
You know that’s where I grew up. Right on the strip. We lived I a hotel. My mother was a showgirl. And dad was a lounge singer. I guess that’s where I get my talents. Where are my manners? We were talking business and I’m boring you with my life story.

It’s quite all right.
(Alex looks away. he reaches to caress her hair but stops himself. she turns back.)
Why did you leave Vegas? I mean a gal like you
(Caresses he cheek)
Could make some serious cash on the strip.

I’m not that kind of girl! Besides love, or so I thought got in the way. I followed a man here and was heart broken. Then I met....
(Spills drink)
Damn it! I’m so sorry! I don't normally get like this. I’m going to call a cab.

Don’t waste your money; I can give you a list

Its fine, you don't have to
(They stand. man2 grabs her arm)

(In a slightly evil tone)
I insist

(Cross fade as they exit to screen)
(Mikey is seen brushing his teeth he spits into a coffee cup)

So your saying you took her from the bar, played your sick little games with her, killed her and dumped her on the front porch.

She was too beautiful for that! She wasn’t a dime store hooker! She deserved honor and beauty in her death! I drove her to that bastard’s house. Alive. I led her to the front door
(Enter MAN2 carrying Alex. leading her from stage right to riser on stage left.)
When we got there she said

This isn’t my house this is Frankie's house

I said good-bye beautiful, kissed her. Then shot her through the heart.
(Gun shot)
She had a look of serenity on her face. I placed a rose in her hand and kissed her on the fore head. I then rang the doorbell and ran. That’s all there is to it.
(As MAN2 runs dim lights on stage leaving screen.)
(Mikey wipes face as after shaving. he then waves the straight razor at MAN)

I should slit your throat right now! You lying excrimentitious excuse for a man! But out if the kindness of my heart I’ll give you one more chance.

Third time lucky

Where I’m from its three strikes your out. Three misdemeanors you’re in the Penn. this is your last chance so choose your words carefully!

Ok what would you say if I told you it wasn’t I that killed her? But was the consequence of the connection she had with your boss, Francois LeFinc

(Slaps MAN)
You lying little pissant!

Ever word I say is true! Your boss got her hooked. Hooked not only on a lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams but also on something more sinister.

And what might that be?

That fat bastard got her hooked on heroine! I would know because we were childhood friends. We knew things about each other no one else could possibly know! That night I got a call.

(Spot up on Alex sitting shaking talking on the phone)

I wish it could all end
I wish it would all end
I wish I could cease to exist
This world holds to many daemons
It needs one less
I’ll bring it to an end!
(Hangs up phone. Spot out)

She got an extension cord and a chair. She tied the cord to the banister.
(Spot up on stage left side of screen to reveal Alex tying
The cord to the edge of screen.)
Put the cord around her neck.
(Spot out)
Stepped off the chair. And gone from this world was another beautiful soul. I found her hanging.
(Enter man2. dark stage. screaming ALEX!)
I cut her down
(Spot up at bottom of screen)
I embraced her for what seemed like an eternity.
Then I carried her body to his front porch so that French bastard could see what he did
(Man2 carries off body)
He corrupted and killed the purest most beautiful woman ever born!

You lie! She was found untouched! She was poisoned! Further more how could you have known her for so long without my boss’s knowledge? He knows everything about her! I should kill you right now. If it is one thing I hate it is a liar!
(Pulls out knife)
What was that sound
(Looks around)
It was probably nothing.

Can I at least know the identity of the man who is going to kill me?

It would be my pleasure. My name is Michael Poisson, but the world knows me as Mikey “the fish”

Well Monsieur Poisson, your shoe is untied.

Ah merci tis a shame you are a liar. I like to kill men of your nature quickly.
(Bends down to tie shoe. Gets kicked in the face and falls back. Strobe on kick. Enter Alex with gun)

Told you I was innocent!
(Alex shoots Mikey, and cuts free MAN)
What took you so long?

The old French bastard wouldn't stay dead. I finally had to throw him in the pool. Let’s get out of here the contents of his safe are in the trunk
(Strobe slows as they exit)

A single spot on a darkened stage.

All the stories that we tell
You may think aren't true
They may happen to me
They may happen to you
They’ve happened to someone of that I'm sure
They happen all to often
All around use
But often go ignored
We must end the pain and suffering
We must end the hatred and violence
Fore it will destroy us
We must rebuild in the ashes of the phoenix
We will be reborn from the fire that
Rages in us all
We will bear the load
Of those who struggle in the rear
We will carry the torch of the fallen
Who will never be forgotten
Then only then can we focus
On what really matters
Peace, love, and understanding

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