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A friend challenged me to write about refugees, and being as it's such a hot topic, I obliged.

For those concerned, I am Australian and I am disgusted by current policy. We are becoming increasingly known for being bigoted and cruel, rather than the multicultural and welcoming nation we used to be. It needs to be changed. The title is deliberately an allusion.

For Laura.

Submitted: May 26, 2014

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Submitted: May 26, 2014



The rain bore down on them in harsh, discordant chords as water slammed into skin with great speed. The wind whistled its eerie harmony around their ears and between their fingers, alighting briefly to bite at their necks. Children screamed in fear and hunger, and the sky cracked its whips to remind them of their place. They were at the mercy of the weather, the ocean and sky their taskmaster and slave driver. The ocean boiled around them, and slate grey storm spread as far as could be seen. The boat rocked, and the body of an infant rolled into the tempestuous sea. A few people fell to their knees in illness, others in desperation and even fewer in prayer. 

* * *

Voices murmured between one another, indiscernible above the cacophony of the storm, then slowly growing in urgency and volume. Hope glimmered in sunken eyes, and as each face turned to look to the east, the hope began to grow, blossom, and as they crested an almighty wave, the hope bloomed on their faces in relieved smiles. A mother drew an orphaned child into her embrace, and held her baby in the other arm. The relief was palpable, as shore was in sight. Their search for refuge had ceased.

But their fight for rights was just about to begin

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