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How do you choose to leave behind everything you've ever known? Abandoning the one person that you love more than anything without certainty that you would ever meet again? I can tell you, it isn't easy... Nor is it painless, pleasant, or happy in any way. You begin to question everything, and regret consumes you, Fear destroys you, grief kills you, anger blinds you, and your left clinging to this tiny shred of hope that everything will somehow work out. But it doesn't- not in the way you want it to, anyway.
The life of a rebel is a life of battle. Not just combat, but mental and emotional. Everything you've done -everyone you ever knew, anything you've said- can and will be used against you, and they will do anything to make you question yourself. You have to learn to ignore the pain and keep fighting.
If there is one thing I've learned, there is a fire in the heart of every soldier. Some fires burn and destroy all in their path, causing Destruction, chaos, and hurt. Others, though, spark. They spark bits of their inner flame to light fires in others. Those flames are warm, strong, and everlasting, raising truth and justice in the ashes of a once thriving nation.
The one condition of being a flame? The fire never goes out.

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