A Bar Room Instant

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Long and lean,he made me feel...

Submitted: February 28, 2007

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Submitted: February 28, 2007



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Long and lean, he made me feel,

His skin clad muscles,

Were made of steel.

Being heavy set, My eyes turned green.

As I filled with envy,

Of this man made machine.

Every woman there, crossed their thighs,

As men turned their heads,

Avoiding his eyes.

Crossing to the bar, he doffed his hat,

His hard green eyes,

Looked like a cat’s.

I asked with shaking hands, Did he want a brew?

He looked at me,

His eyes turned blue.

What he said, I stood aghast.

A burst of laughter,

I quelled real fast.

For the voice, of this man made machine.

Had a real high pitch,

And sounded squeaky clean.

I knew in an instant, I had nothing to fear,

But I deepened my voice,

As I got his beer.

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