A Dime ?

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This poem is about real life and hard times.There are more people then we know going through this every day.

Submitted: February 16, 2007

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Submitted: February 16, 2007



They stand on the corner, A woman and a man.

With a little brown sign, and an empty can.

Though the faces differ, you’ve seen them, I know.

Anymore they’re there, wherever you go.

Will work for food.” Maybe a place to sleep.

While I work, will my children, you keep?”

Go “down” town. Where no one lives.

See the food lines, the churches give.

You’ll see the woman, you’ll the man,

You’ll also find, the empty can.

Judge not these people, as you turn your head.

As you speed ‘cross town, to your home and bed.

They may have their reasons, which you and I frown,

For them to have to live, in “that” part of town.

There may be the bottles, of the cheap, red wine.

They may have had the life, of the fine, white line.

Judge not the reasons, that put them there.

But, do, judge the reasons, of the signs they wear.

How, in a system where the people rule.

A six figured man, doesn’t work his tools.

Just the other day, an interview taken.

The figures bought a book, and the money he’s raking.

Or o’er there, we’re paying the toll,

In one opinion, for all the black “gold.”

This was from “Gramps”, Man, he was hard.

First you need to clean, your own front yard.”

Maybe the ones, you and I elect.

Will even the total, even the debt.

If it’s to be, or until that time,

Into the empty can, drop a dime.

It may buy that bottle,. It may buy that “line”.

But it may stop a man, from a life of crime.

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