A Hardened Man

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Quite an enjoyable read, I think.

Submitted: February 05, 2007

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Submitted: February 05, 2007




A Hardened Man

The land lay so barren, the drought had been so long.

God had shaken his mighty fist,

For three years now, man had been wrong.

He stood by the stream bed, One that had always been clear.

But now was lined with carcasses,

Of cattle, here and there.

With shaded eyes, he looked to the west.

To the blue of the cloudless sky.

With no help in sight, he was finished.

Though he never questioned why.

He’d never thought of the Lord, had been too busy with his life.

The ranch had taken all that he had,

No time for even a wife.

His soul lay as barren, as the land that lay to his fore.

He felt his life had been forsaken,

Why need ask for more?

He palmed the colt from the holster,

Locked the hammer in tight.

Should he end this all right now,

Or would it be better in the night?

Again he searched the horizon, a single cloud appeared.

A breath of wind caught his face,

Drawing the cloud so near.

Another followed the first, larger and darker, with force.

The breath of wind became a gust,

Frightening his horse.

A silent prayer was spoken, “Lord please let it rain.

For without your love on this land,

There’ll be nothing, that remains.”

Maybe the prayer was answered,

The clouds brought forth His tears.

And changed the life of a rancher,

A man of hardened years.

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