A Scrap of Paper

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A Young Child Trying to send a note to his Grampa in heaven.

Submitted: February 18, 2007

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Submitted: February 18, 2007



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At long last it landed,

This writ of someone’s thoughts.

Was it three little words, like I love you,

And the happiness that it brought?

Or was it a note of sorrow,

That had been cast upon the winds?

Was the owner now crying,

Thinking their world was on end?

Was it a memo of friendship?

Two wishing to meet?

Or words written in secret,

And lost on an empty street?

I grasped this piece of paper,

Curiosity on my mind.

I read, “This is to Grandpa.”

Cast in a childish line.

Sadness etched my face,

As I continued to read.

For now I just realized,

Why the paper was freed.

He wanted his Gramps to know,

Today he’d just turned seven.

And the only way he could do this,

Was send the note to heaven.

I  held the note on high,

The wind took it from my grasp.

The note soared toward a cloudless sky,

Disappearing, at long last.

I carried a thought for the lad,

Gramps had gotten the note.

For it left it’s weight behind it.

That had settled in my throat.

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