An Old Looking Glass (Three)

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chapter 3

Submitted: February 27, 2007

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Submitted: February 27, 2007



An Old Looking Glass (Three) A path now etched through the prairie grass, The hill much farther away, For him to take the trek, Took the better part of a day. That part didn’t matter, The son had control of the farm, All had been good to the man, His life was certainly charmed. His son had taken control. Didn’t need him much of the time. Though the old man’s shoulders sagged, He guessed that was all just fine. So he’d take the looking glass, Start his walk to the hill. While the day was still fresh, The prairie grass lay so still. While dew still sat on her stone, He visited the wife at her site. The Lord had finally taken her, But she’d put up a hell of a fight. He’d cut through the fields of wheat. Numbering a thousand acres or more. The valley was mostly a sea of wheat. The rim now being it’s shore. Gratefully he sat down, The cheese cloth, fresh and clean. He viewed his valley below, His valley still so green. He eyed through the glass, A ritual of so many years, A ritual of why he couldn’t say, But one that calmed his fears. The house was no longer sod A wood frame had taken it’s place, But the barn still stood where he’d built it, Though weather had tarnished it’s face. The glass showed him the past. A trip down memory lane But the lens clouded the future, There was nothing on the grassy plains. It was as it should be, Gently the glass fell to his lap. The heat of the sun fell on him. Maybe he should take a nap. Clasping hands and laughing, Up the hill to the rim. The boy told the lass, “Can’t wait till you see him.” Laughing as when they were children, She breathed, “Are you sure of the surprise?” The man told the sister, “Of course, I wouldn’t lie. Whether it’s a surprise or not, You know he has the glass. He may have seen us race up the hill, As when you were a lass.” “Daddy, daddy, I’m home.” She squealed when they reached the rim. Excitedly she ran forward. Witnessing a calmness had passed over him. Laughing eyes turned to sorrow. Tear brimmed eyes reached down for the glass. A breeze sailed off with the cheese cloth, But it caught in the prairie grass.

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