Black and White Days

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I thought of this poem after my great niece asked her grandmother how things were in the black and white days. Since the pictures my sister has of us as young-uns were black and white, the niece assumed we had no color back then. This poems dedicated to Ayla, a child that can bring color to anything, even black and white pictures.

Submitted: February 25, 2007

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Submitted: February 25, 2007



Black and White Days

Hey grandpa, what was it like, Back in those black and white days,

Back in the days before color,

When you were making your way?

Well let’s see my grandson, Really, things weren’t bad.

We didn’t have the luxuries today,

But why want what you’ve never had.

There weren’t no television, Or those games that you play.

I can barely remember,

Seeing my first Model A.

Well listen Grandpa, won’t you tell me more?

I’m doing a paper in school,

About this ancient folk lore.

Well, mostly we rode on horseback. Back in the hills where I am from.

There wasn’t much on schooling

Too many things to be done.

My ma done most of my schooling, Learnt me arithmetic.

Taught me reading and writing.

Pa taught me the power of a stick.

The preacher read from the bible, Verses he knew so well.

Taught me the ways of sinning,

Led to the gateways of hell.

We didn’t have your niceties, Wasn’t able to run the streets.

We were still polite to the ladies.

And respected the people we’d meet.

We didn’t have a drug problem, Oh, maybe a little “shine”.

But pa certainly cured that.

Laying that stick on my behind.

Boy I want you to know, I love you,

But get on about your ways.

Leave old gramps, here alone.

Let him dream of his black and white days.

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