Early Morning Memories

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Memories, Our life growing up was so much more simplier then the kids have it now.

Submitted: February 05, 2007

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Submitted: February 05, 2007



Caught me a June bug,

Gonna tie him to a string,

Life was so simple,

Had fun doing anything.

Sand dunes out the back door.

Miles and miles of grit,

Could slide on a trash can lid,

Or climb a dune and just sit.

Way out yonder on the flat land,

Dust coming to a boil,

Grandpap’s on the “Minnie”,

Plows cutting through the soil.

Big bud’s out in the chicken coop,

Wringing on a few necks.

Tomorrow being Sunday and all,

Fried chicken’s on the “check”.

Second bud’s in the pasture,

Riding that angus cow.

Sister’s in the hog pen,

Washing that old cross blood sow.

A few memories of a childhood,

Too many to put down on line,

For each has a story,

Maybe some day, sometime.

Memories as a lad

Out there on “Black Water Draw.”

Before the world started spinning.

Before I had to see it “all”.

Now my grandson’s in the bedroom.

I can hear his gentle snore,

I wish he could have the fun I had,

Before his world shows him more.


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