Katrina A Savage Child

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After being in my first storm, It really took a toll on me. This came to me one day, so I wrote it.

Submitted: February 20, 2007

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Submitted: February 20, 2007



Katrina A Savage Child


Her savage breath was spawned in the waves.

An unruly child, with Florida in her gaze.

She crossed Florida's tip, behind her lay to waste.

She now played in the Gulf, for her there was no haste.

The hot, humid waters, fed her soul.

Though man tried to guess, none knew her goal.

From the panhandle of Florida, to Louisiana's golden coast,

Hurricane flags played the winds, serving as her host.

People breathed easy as she past the Florida shoals,

Eyes turned to Mississippi, was this state to be her goal?

None had ever witnessed such a storm, at least of Katrina's girth.

She played in the gulf waters, her breath filled with mirth.

north by northwest a line followed the storm.

Hopeful eyes watched the blue screens,

Would Mississippi escape from harm?

Below the tip of Louisiana, her breath shifted it's way.

The north had left the west by the wayside, New Orleans was now at bay.

Her breath raged in fury, a surge pushed at her front.

Camielle had been devastating, Katrina wasn't quite as strong.

But her girth was so emmense, none would escape her tongue.

Consuming the isles of Louisiana, her taste hadn't sated a bit.
The Gulf Shores came to view. That's where she decided to hit.

The fury of Katrina all now knew, as the surge waters filled the sands.

Waveland almost a memory, Bay St. Louis couldn't make a stand.

Gulfport shores lay in ruin, Casino barges rode high on the land.

Many lives had gone under. Katrina had showed her hand.

Landfall had robbed her strength, but Katrina refused to fall.

In the heart of Mississippi, Hattiesburg had her back to the wall.

Most stayed as they were, there was nowhere left to go.

Gale force winds beared down, til courage was all that showed.

now Katrina's just a memory, a page in history will define her mind.

Almost a year has past, but the healing is not in the time.

Man is rebuilding the shores, He refuses to be put down,

But if a sister is born again in the waters, the Gulfshores will no longer be found.

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