My African safari

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Submitted: February 28, 2007

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Submitted: February 28, 2007




I once went on me a safari, down in South Africa way.

Down where lions eat people for lunch,

Down where the chimpanzees play.

I hired a guide for this safari, A big game hunter named Jake.

That offered all kinds of excitement,

At least all I could take.

We headed for the heart of this great land. Into the deepest, darkest vines,

A song come to mind, as we sallied forth,

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

The noise assaulted my ears. Made me walk on my toes.

I asked what made such a racket?

He said one word, “Mosquito’s!

Said he once led a safari, with a man loaded for bear.

After the first night, the man vanished.

Guessed the mosquito’s ate him there.

That night we built a camp fire, Like nothing I’d ever seen.

From ten feet away you could roast hotdogs.

And most of the wood was green.

I asked what such a fire was for. Said to keep the mosquito’s at bay.

When the fire dies down later,

That’s when you need to pray.

The wee hours of dawn was breaking, I heard voices in my tent.

I cracked one eye, looking,

While the message was sent.

There were two over in the corner, wings flapping every which way,

One wanted to carry me off,

The other wanted to stay.

Heard, “let’s eat him here, Look it’s coming on day.

If we take him home,

Big brother will have his way.”

I once left a safari, down in the deepest, darkest vines.

My feet never hit the ground,

Til I was on an airline.

Now I sit swatting mosquito’s, I used to think was large.

I can hear “big brother“.

That must be as big as a barge.

I think of the man on that safari, the one that was loaded for bear.

Wonder what airline he took,

When he got the hell out of there.

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