Our Raft

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We built a raft, when joined......

Submitted: February 27, 2007

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Submitted: February 27, 2007





We built a raft

When joined in life

You named me husband,

I called you wife.

Our hopes,hewn timbers

Our spirits, the twine

We oared toward the current

Our love was blind.

The current was strong

The ebbies swirles,

Our raft was strengthened

A baby girl.

I steered the course

You, a child to tend

And another waites

At river bend.

The rocks, shattered timbers

They cut the twine

My life in your hands

Your in mine.

The river parted

The girls chose a course

They built there rafts

For better or worse.

Their courses differed

They"ll make their  way

Till the rivers join again

In some future day.

Our timbers remain stromg

Our twine stays true

As our raft is guided

With my love for you...

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