The Aussie Musketeers #4

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Chapter 4

Submitted: February 05, 2007

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Submitted: February 05, 2007



Searching for something that paid.

Unknown to the others, Len was given a card.

He’d fell in love that day.

Where will it end, is the future set?

The end of our trio’s trail.

Will they find where the money is free,

Or wind up in hell?

The sunset was gone where we left our three,

They welcomed the morning sun,

For the nights got cold, across this land,

Even to the young.

Hamp took some “binoc’s” from his bags,

And searched a grove of trees.

At the others questioning stare,

Said, “Just checking for the money that’s free.”

Len shook his head, said, “Your pretty dumb.

You won’t find them here.

This land is way too dry,

That’s pretty clear.”

Bruce said nothing to the pair,

About the adage he had used,

He just booted with his spurs,

And nudged forward with his “roo”.

Secretly, he cursed the internet.

It had brought on his worst fear.

For these two he had partnered with,

Lacked something “tween” the ears.

“Look yonder, ain’t that a stage?

Alone with no guard?

How about robbing it?

What do you say, my two pards?”

Bruce looked at the red headed one,

Said, “That’s what it’s about down here.

We rob from the rich and give to the poor’

Or those that we hold dear.”

The “roos” hopped with all their might.

Until the wagon stopped.

The three yelled out, “This is a “stick-up!

Give us all you got!!!”

“You folks inside, step out here,

Empty your wallets and such.

But when a leg stretched out the door.

They all wanted to touch.

The lady that stepped from inside,

Was with two looking as fine,

One was a blonde, another a gypsy girl,

The third had the taste of wine.

But alas our heroes are gentlemen,

So all they could do was stare.

The blonde looked as good as the Gypsy girl’s silk.

The third wore an island “flair.”

Hamp stepped forward, said, “Pardon us gals,”

Didn’t know you were riding this stage.”

He sucked in his gut, expanded his chest,

And hoped he didn’t smell like sage.

Not to be outdone, Len extended his arm,

Said, “Here, sit in the shade.

The blonde headed woman, accepted the arm.

The other two just stayed.

“Now just wait a minute, all you mates!”

The three looked up to twin barrels.

The driver said, “Make one bad move,

You’ll be singing Christmas carols.

Now, hand over those twin boomerangs.

Toss those “hoglegs” free.

You mates could’ve had all the money you want,

But the ladies are with me.!”

To a shotgun blast. The “roos” hopped like mad,

Across the savage land,

When they finally stopped, Bruce spat out,

“Now that was mighty mean man.”

Their robbery foiled, the three lit out,

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