The Aussie Musketeers #5

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Chapter 5

Submitted: February 05, 2007

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Submitted: February 05, 2007



Will this saga ever end, in this, “down under“, western tale of old.

Or will the keys of this computer,

Keep striking so bold?

Let’s pickup our heroes, around a fire in a camp,

Their supper of snake was over,

Hamp blew out a lamp.

All were so sullen, having no luck in the past.

The card still burned, deep in Len’s pocket,

The “roo” gave Hamp a sore ass.

The shadows played on Bruce’s face, It was cast as gray as a grave.

Len asked the man his problem,

Killing time or what was left of the day.

“Ah mate, there’s a lassie, somewhere in this Australian land.

Ah, such a lassie,

She makes me glad I’m a man.”

Thinking of the card, that pressed to his chest.

Len bade the other, continue,

For a partner, could do no less.

“Ah, this lassie has a castle, and a dragon to ride.

But she wears a mask for justice,

So, from her, I must hide.”

Hamp had an idea, sprung from the “dirty ole man” inside.

“Let’s return to the beaches,

They’re no more than just a day’s ride.

We can watch the women, stretched on that blissful sand.

My ass will be sore no longer,

And maybe I can stand.”

Len shouted agreement, The card was burning so bright.

The love he had found was singing.

In the pub that very night.

Bruce agreed with the others, said it without a care,

He also liked the women

Who showed their skin so bare.

Len whispered to his pocket, when the others weren’t so near.

“Keep singing your song, my Tracy Truelove.

For soon, I will cheer.”

It wasn’t long before they “lit a shuck.”

Or whatever it’s called down there.

A man that carried twin boomerangs,

A redhead and a bear.

Now let’s leave our heroes, find the dragon and the cat.

Together they headed for the beach,

They had a feeling, that where he was at.

Let’s not forget Miss Barbara, who fills those jeans just right.

And the one who rode beside her,

As they galloped into the night.

And last but not least, Miss Erma, the “Arkie” from Chicago way.

Who’s sidekick carried a bag for a “toke.”

Enjoying this “down under“ stay.

These four had heard of the “shootout”,

‘Tween the law and a “rang” carrying man.

That had just taken on two pards,

In a pub alongside the sands.

This is not the final chapter.

There is at least one chapter more.

To find out what kind of future,

For our heroes, lay in store.

Will our guys have a chance, against the women of law,

A future, they too, could have had,

Except for one little flaw.

Will Bruce face the Lady, The one he called “Dragonwyck”

Who’s sidekick was an Indian Princess,

Who feared not his deadly sticks.

Will Len find “Truelove“, the one of the card by his heart,

Or will his fate deny him?

Something we knew from the start.

Will Hamp finally be able to stand?

Finally be free of the “roo” ?

He shook out his best overcoat,

And ironed it before he was through.

At least they would be close to water, and groves of many trees,

Maybe he could find the orchard,

Where the money was free.

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