The Aussie Musketeers #6

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Chapter 6

Submitted: February 05, 2007

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Submitted: February 05, 2007




Is this the last chapter, In this mighty saga of woe?

The circle’s been made “down under”,

Or at least the story goes.

Hamp was dressed in his finest, given the day of his birth.

His overcoat hanging open,

Showing him for all he was worth.

Bruce was caring for the “roos”, making sure they were fed.

Len was checking the billboards,

Tracy was written in red.

Inside the pub in question, six ladies filled the bar.

Listening to Tracy Truelove,

Singing about some porno star.

Barb pulled out a poster, from somewhere in those tight fitting jeans.

Handed it across to the “tender.”

“We look for these men, so mean.”

The “tender” glanced at the wanted, saw smiles plastered on each face.

He would smile too, riding in those jeans,

If such was the case.

“They were here the other day, standing where you stand now.

That was the day they met Boomerang Bruce,”

A frown crossed Barb‘s eyebrows..

The lady who rode the dragon, Said, “So that’s who he partnered with.

Sure a dumb looking pair you got there,

If you catch my drift.”

Erma spoke up, “They may be a little dumb,

Got something missing ‘tween the ears,

I’ll match them man for man.

With any I’ve seen down here.”

Just then the “batwings” swung open,

Or whatever they’re called down there.

Our heroes step into no-mans land.

They had best beware.

Jocelyn was the first to see, as she tipped the “Hawaiian flair”,

The little Gypsy saw who it was,

She could only stare.

The lady turned to look at Bruce, the man of her many dreams.

The bounty on him was tremendous.

Barb turned in those tight fitting jeans.

Erma hitched up her gun belt, she meant business, it was clear.

She freed the thongs from her sixguns,

The pub silenced in fear.

Her sidekick reached for the deadly bag.

Pulled a .44 from inside.

The pub was small, so all could see,

There was no place they could hide.

Then she pulled out some bandages, in case someone was hurt.

She soaked them in alcohol,

To free them of some dirt.

The men were taken back, but their hats tipped to the girls.

All three were Southern gentlemen,

Said, Welcome to our world.”

Len took his deadly stance, but clearly not wanted to be there.

Alas he had found dear Tracy,

His dream with blonde curly hair.

The big man had a problem, if anyone should care.

For all he had underneath the overcoat,

Was a bare derriere.

Barb spoke up, “These two are mine, you can have old Bruce.”

Until this fight is over with,

Let’s have us a truce.”

“Just a minute, lady in jeans,” Erma was heard to say,

You try to take these two men,

You’ll live to rue the day.”

Our heroes stepped back as they listened on,

A “cat” fight in the make.

The women glared at each other.

Not the men, each wanted to take.

Hamp looked across to his pard,

Whose eyes had taken on those of the “roos”.

He knew if his pard, met with the lady,

Bruce would surely lose.

Len had snuck off to find Tracy, a love he couldn’t forget.

The bounty hunters may take his life,

But they hadn’t as of yet.

Hamp lost track of his partners, all he could do was stare.

Once he caught sight of the Gypsy,

And the girl with the “Hawaiian flair.”

I feel another chapter coming, six is just not enough.

Maybe the seventh will be short,

Though it’s sure gonna be tough.

Will our heroes escape, from the clutches of the girls?

Do the girls have sharpened nails,

As this thickened plot swirls?

Will the lady take her man, for a one way dragon ride.

Or will it end all right there,

While all are there inside?

Will Tracy serenade her lover, one that she’s never known.

Or will her fate match Len’s,

Luck that never lasts long.

Will Hamp find true love with the Gypsy,

Or the girl with the Hawaiian Flair?

Or will his luck stay empty,

Just as the overcoat he wears.

© Copyright 2018 Hamp. All rights reserved.

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