The Aussie Musketeers (The Conclusion?)

Short Story by: Hamp


Concoulision of The Aussie


Submitted: February 05, 2007

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Submitted: February 05, 2007



This is as bad as Freddy, whose chapters roll on and on,

But I had to make room for Tracy,

To sing her heartfelt song.

Barb was facing Erma, Eyes were locked on tight.

Jocelyn stood alongside,

Wearing jeans that fit just right.

The lady had Bruce covered, no chance to bring the ‘rangs to play.

The Princess approached him with shackles.

Would he live to rue this day?

Len was listening to Tracy, singing about a porno star.

A silly grin was pasted on his face,

Doing alright so far.

The Hawaiian girl was laughing, the Gypsy cast a sheepish smile.

Hamp had thrown the coat open.

His thoughts were really wild!

He felt a hand on his shoulder, It was his partner Len.

Said, “I’ve said goodbye to Tracy,

It’s time for us to go, my friend.”

The two hombres slipped outside,

Bruce followed them through the door.

Though the Princess saw him,

She enjoyed the “showdown” more.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Guns sounded, But our musketeers were free,

Hamp glanced over his shoulder,

Still searching for the trees.

The little mouse gave a double click

Our friends were in the western lands.

Far away from the hunters,

Nude women and the sand.

Bruce turned to the others, a tear showed in that red eye.

The others were kinda embarrassed,

Never known the man to cry.

“If you ever return to Australia, Ever fly the friendly skies,

To look at the girls on the beaches,

Or needing a place to hide.

Don’t search for your saddle pard.

I’ll stay under these western skies.

Maybe start up a gang.,

At least I‘m going to try.”

He clasped Len on the shoulder, but stayed away from the bear.

What would be said, if it was seen,

Hugging a man with a bare derriere.

Now that this saga is over, what’s happened to the Musketeers?

Bruce started his gang, he wanted so much,

And throughout the west, brings fear.

Hamp turned over a new leaf,

The overcoat, he no longer wears,

He’s taken the life of a plumber,

And still shows his derriere.

Len renewed his search, for the “Truelove” he had found.

But I heard he may be in “Frisco.”

Modeling evening gowns.

This was a tale of bad guys, beautiful women, and broken hearts.

A tale that’s full of nonsense.

But we knew this from the start.

© Copyright 2017 Hamp. All rights reserved.

The Aussie Musketeers (The Conclusion?) The Aussie Musketeers (The Conclusion?)

Status: Finished

Genre: Westerns



Status: Finished

Genre: Westerns



Concoulision of The Aussie
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