The last Mountain Mam-chapter two

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Marie St, John cursed as she slid the mascara across the top of her eye. Eyeing the self made face she grimaced. She simply didn’t like the brand she had bought but didn’t have time or the inclination to return to the store. It would have to do.

Marie St, John cursed as she slid the mascara across the top of her eye. Eyeing the self made face she grimaced. She simply didn’t like the brand she had bought but didn’t have time or the inclination to return to the store. It would have to do.

Leaving her bathroom, she stepped into the living room for her coat, then stepped out the door. Crisp, spring air filled her lungs. She stopped long enough to enjoy the frigid rush her body felt. She eyed the mountains surrounding the small town. Though it would soon be warming up down here. She could see a heavy build up on the peaks. It was going to be a very wet spring.

Glancing at her watch caused her to curse for the second time that morning. She was going to be late for work The hell with it, she thought, since they replaced her with the boss’s son as a reporter at the paper, she no longer enjoyed her job. A desk, rifling paperwork wasn’t the same as being out there where it was happening, but at her age, a job was a job.

She climbed into the Geo Metro she had bought since gas became so expensive. Cramming the little car into gear, she melted into the traffic of the small town she called home.

Samuel Cade’s grandfather had started the only bank in town over a hundred years before. The bank had survived countless robberies in the past, the great depression of the Thirties and even the mergers of larger, more financed institutions of money. It held very little promise of surviving the grandson. Wheeling and dealing with the new Casinos down in New Mexico had brought the bank on the verge of bankruptsy. The only thing to do was to rob the bank of the funds that weren’t there and collect government money to rebuild. Though the F.D.I.C. frowned on things such as this if you were caught, Sam Cade was smarter than your usual bank robber.

His door opened for his counter part in this future crime. He frowned as the man entered the room. "I told you not to come here. If you’re caught and people added two and two together it would not go well for me."

"As long as you’ve got my hundred thousand in the vault you have nothing to worry about."

"It’s there. The mine’s payday is tomorrow. Is everything ready for this afternoon?"

‘Yeah, those guys are like putty in my hands. They think the bank’s money is to finance their militia. I told them if we had the money we could buy modern weapons, cause when those Arab’s come to America we’ll need them. Since 9-11 everyone’s trying to get ready for World War III."

Sam Cade’s mind went through the list of the local Militia. Mostly they were just a group of "good ole boys" that liked to go up in the mountains on the weekends, get drunk and play war. Since "sarge", as they called him, came to town, things have livened up at the Militia post. He was a true patriot. He had gotten them to thinking what would they do if their country needed them? Shoot paint balls at the invaders?

No they needed live ammo. And weapons to use the live ammo in. Sure enough, they had their 30.06's and 30.30's, but to do any damage they needed weapons like the M.16 or the A.K.47, maybe some of those AR 15's.

He brought his own A.K. to the camp and let the boys try a few rounds. The weapon, he’d told them was taken from a dead "gook" in Nam. The man became a "God" as far as the Militia was concerned. There was even talk of making him Post commandant.

Then he brought up a fool proof way of getting the funds they needed. It would take some doing, but with two of the guys working over at the State Pen, it could be managed. All they needed was two convicts to escape.....

The rest was history. The escaped convicts had been sighted near town only yesterday. This afternoon those convicts were going to rob the bank.

Sam Cade’s mind found relief in this knowledge. Of course, he had business over in Pagosa Springs this afternoon, then him and the wife were going to spend the night and take in a couple of casinos down in Ship Rock. He glanced at the ornate clock on the wall. In fact it was time he got underway.

Micheal Gamble was one man that hated his job. He kept telling himself being a school bus driver was no job for a man. The only reason he kept it, he told himself were the girls that rode his bus. He had several high schoolers on there that made his days interesting. Anymore the way their folks let them dress was a bus driver’s fantasy come true. He could see all the young leg and tits he wanted just sitting in the driver’s seat of his bus. Some of them even "come on" to him or so he thought.

He kept a steady eye on the gas he was putting in the bus’ tank. He figured on syphoning out a few gallons after he dropped those girls off on their weekend camping trip before returning the bus to the garage.

Shutting the pump off, he glanced at his watch. Right on time.

Jude Walls was one that didn’t care for the "sarge". He couldn’t put his finger on why. He guessed it was the way the man had just moved in on the Militia and had taken over. Still yet, he was the best driver in these parts and knew these mountain roads like the back of his hand. When he was approached to be the "get away" driver for the robbery he went for it. Maybe when this was all over the rest of them would see just how valuable he could be and vote him in as the commandant.

Jesse Walls, his younger brother sat just opposite him in the front seat of the van. He didn’t care about the politics of the Militia. He was a man of action and the robbery was the only action going on. He was thinking of the A.K. the "sarge" had promised him when this was over. Man, he could tear up a deer’s ass with one of those things. The other two were the actual convicts. It was the price of their freedom. Once it was over they were promised ten grand and a free ride out of state.

Marie needed to take some money out of her savings and transfer it to her checking. Taking a long lunch. She pulled into the bank parking lot just before an old non-descript van entered. Paying no attention to the van, she fought her way free of the small car and entered the bank.

"Man, did you see that leg?" Jesse asked his older brother as they pulled alongside the Geo. That gal had them running clear to her ass."

"Get your mind on your job.’ his brother chided him. "We get away with this and you can buy women that will make her look sick."

"And that’s the first thing I’m going to do." confirmed the younger one. He turned his head to the others, " you guys ready?"

Marie nodded to the man standing just inside the door as she made her way to the counter. He wasn’t bad looking, she thought as she passed him., but there was something that made her feel uneasy. Stepping to the counter, she made small talk with Madge, the teller, as the other took care of her transaction. Suddenly, looking over Marie’s shoulder, the other woman’s eyes widened in shock.

Marie turned just as she heard, "Everybody freeze and there won’t anyone get hurt.

Submitted: March 25, 2007

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