The Last Mountain Man-the end

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the end

Submitted: April 01, 2007

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Submitted: April 01, 2007



Chapter XII

Josh was in the middle of wrapping up the case. Though the money wasn’t recovered, forgotten records proved Sam Cade’s part in this mess. Though he was still on the run, the agent expected law enforcement to pick the man up anytime.

There were a few things he wanted to do before he left. One of these things was to visit the young ranger in the hospital. The bullet had shattered the young man’s shoulder and ricocheted down through his chest. Though nothing fatal, the boy was having a time in recovery.

Stepping out of the elevator, the first person he saw was Shawna. As he approached, she rose from a chair and greeted him. Her smile told him the ranger was better. Her voice confirmed he had awakened and his vitals were fine. Joining the girl’ they passed through the waiting room into his.

"Well, young man, it looks like your going to make it."

Weakly, Joe smiled the acknowledgment. "I’m trying to."

"I’m trying to wrap this up. Are you up to some questions?"

"Sure, fire away."

"Well, the biggest one is a description of the man who helped you. I’m afraid all the girls can give is he was some type of "sasquash" or something."

Joe thought for a long minute before answering the agent. For some reason the man had disappeared into those mountains long ago. He didn’t want this modern life. Joe figured they owed him something.

To be left alone if nothing else. "I thought they proved "Sasquash was just a farce someone had thought up."

The agent nodded. He knew any information the ranger may have would remain in the lad’s mind and go no farther. In a way he couldn’t blame him. The stranger had done them all a service. He expected no medals or glory. As far as the ranger was concerned there would be none.

It had been three weeks since the robbery and they were no closer to finding the one they called Sarge, Marie St, John, or the money. In fact, it had been suggested that she was part of it. She had been a decoy, making them think she had been a hostage. Some how her and the man had walked out of those mountains and were now probably living it up in Mexico or Europe.

Not for a moment, did the agent believe the theory. Someday some hiker would come across the bones of a woman. He believed the man had taken her with him. When he no longer needed her, had killed her.

No, what bothered him was the "mountain man." How had he disappeared so quickly? Besides the arrows he had left in the bodies, there was no trace of him. The two girls had told him, he had told Joe he was going after Sarge and the woman. Had he caught them? Was it him who was in Mexico at this time?

The agent shook his head as his cell phone began to vibrate on his hip. So many unanswered questions and the only thing that could answer them was the mountains themselves. Retrieving the phone, he answered, "Josh Brodin."

Joe and Shawna listened to his part of the conversation which amounted to, "she is? How long ago? Right, I’ll be right there." As he holstered the phone, he turned to the others’ questioning looks. Turning for the door, he told them, "Marie St. John just walked into the police station with a bag full of money."

The woman was full of information. She told them what had transpired in the mountains, the rescue, the fight, the death of the one called "Sarge". Only when questions were brought up about the man that rescued her, did her mouth stay. When asked where she had been, she merely answered "lost".

Though they could tell the woman had spent three weeks in the mountains, they could tell she hadn’t been lost. They let her reclothe herself , She wrapped the wolf skin vest and laid it on her lap.

When someone offered to take it she declined.

She was finally released. Josh had been the one to take her home. After parking in the apartment lot, he turned to her. "This is off the record. It’s just for my own information. Who is he?"

"Just a man. A man who has given his life up out here. A man that wants to be left alone."

She stepped from the car. Thanking him, she turned for the stairs to her apartment. The wolf skin vest was tightly wrapped in her arms. Maybe some day he would come for the vest. Maybe some day she would take it to him.























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