The Rodeo

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This Poem is about a Rodeo rider.

Submitted: February 07, 2007

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Submitted: February 07, 2007



The Rodeo

His hand was clasped, upon the top rail,

The demon’s horns, ever so near.

His mind was centered ,on the brindled back.

Ears deaf, to the cheers.

A leg thrown over, sat his spot,

The rope was clasped so tight.

The one that circled, the demon’s girth,

He held, with all his might.

His hat settled, upon his head,

Anchored just over his brows.

He jerked his head, to the man at the gate,

Time to please the crowd.

Two thousand pounds of demon wind,

Through the opened gate, flew,

Sharp rowels on booted heels,

His anger renewed.

Brilliant lights played the skin,

Of this dangerous beast,

This puny human that rode it’s back,

Was dead, to say the least.

A cut this way, his head thrown back,

The horns tried to gore.

But the man, was of the wise,

The beast failed to score.

Another cut of the bulging mass,

The rider sailed the air.

The demon raged in victory,

This human best beware.

Another cut, with his head held high,

The human met while in the sky.

Mighty horns pierced the skin,

Of the man, once my friend.

A curdling scream, silenced the roar.

Alas my friend, lived no more.

A bloodied mass, tossed to the side.

The demon turned, to attack the hide.

A thunderous roar, filled the air.

I had to stop, had to impair.

The demon’s heart, pierced on impact.

Another roar, I stopped the attack.

 I leaped the fence, ran to my friend.

For him, I had to care.

You see, he hadn’t wanted to,

But the demon’s ride, was on a dare.

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