The Tanamara Wind

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Another good poem about the Old West

Submitted: February 19, 2007

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Submitted: February 19, 2007




The Tanamara wind,

Scoured the West Texas plains.

For a man to winter this country,

He’d have to be insane.

He cursed the frozen saddle,

As he sat his pony’s back.

The steers he was pushing felt onry,

One wanting to attack.

What happened to his wages,

He’d worked for back in the heat.

Too many jugs of whiskey.

Too many satin sheets.

Frozen plug worked in his jaw,

Didn’t know tobacco could freeze

The cold wind rattled his bones,

Like autumn winds rattling leaves.

He thought of a home back east,

Another place, another time.

Thoughts of a wood burning stove,

Man, that would feel just fine.

He thought of a strawberry blonde,

With an impish little smile.

How long had it been?

Well, it had been quite a while.

Thirty a month and found,

Fighting this frozen gale.

A man was smart, he’d get his “truck”,

Face east and tuck his tail.

He knew his thoughts were rambling.

As a shack fell into his sight.

Tomorrow he’d start all over,

At least he’d be warm tonight.

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