The Women of my dreams

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Men all ways wishing and hoping, lol

Submitted: February 21, 2007

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Submitted: February 21, 2007



Patiently I glanced at my watch, Would I never learn?

I had brought the wife to town. My reward? To sit in the truck and burn.

I turned my stare back to the door, Just as she stepped through,

Though most of the time it doesn't matter, This time my interest grew.

A man made Goddess, this one had to be.

My eyes slanted to a point.

To look upon this beauty, I felt a stiffening in my joint..s.

 I watched as she came to full light.

I groaned to myself.

It just ain't right. To see a Goddess in flesh,

I tried to turn my head, Really I did my best.

But to look away, Only a fool would do.

Continuing my stare, My bottom lip, I chewed.

As she walked toward me, I silently moaned.

She stopped to adjust her shoe, I inwardly groaned.

My dreams turned to fantasy

As closer and closer she neared.

I wanted to leap from the truck, Or so, that's what I feared.

She walked so proud, For all to see,

The pride in her breast,The hint of her hidden vee.

The thrust of her breast,The sway of her hips,

Was such a sight, The steering wheel, I had to grip.

I gripped tighter, As she neared the truck

I reached for my pack, Empty! Damn the luck.

Did she sway her hips more, As she passed in my view?

My breath quickened, My lust was renewed.

A sudden movement, Caught the corner of my eye.

I turned my head, Don't ask me why.

The second time this day,

I screamed would I never learn?

I turned back to stare, My eyes started to burn.

She had vanished! As if she had never been.

She left me with thoughts, Thoughts of my deepest sins.

My mind was aghast, My brain a mush.

My world began to spin, All in such a rush.

I had lost her,

The woman of my dreams,

Tears of saddness rimmed my eyes,

Inwardly, I wanted to scream.

Should I take my life? Inwardly I implored,

Just at that second, She opened the door.

I wanted to shout,

This Goddess was real!

I stretched my hand for her,

I just had to feel.

Taking my aid she climbed into the truck.

but my seat belt was fastened,

Damn the luck!

This Goddess of man, This beauty of flesh.

Looked my way and said,,,,,

"Give it the gas.... Why didn't you help me with the bags?

Watch that car! Hey, you SOB, Where did you get your drivers license?

A box of Cracker Jacks.........


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