Two Many Times

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Dad gave one away one time to a man that lived in a town twenty miles away. It took the dog a week and a fight with a pack of coyotes to make it back home, but he made it. Dedicated to "Ruff", who's now just a memory.

Submitted: March 03, 2007

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Submitted: March 03, 2007




Why did they leave him? Sad brown eyes showed tears.

Though just an animal,

He still had his fears.

Hadn’t he been loyal, with a house to defend?

Why had they left him,

Where was his backyard fence?

It was coming on to darkness,

He carried a hunger, he’d never known.

What was in the shadows?

Oh, where had they gone?

What of little Becky? What would she ever do?

No longer would she pull his ears,

But love him when she was through.

What about Richard? With who could he play ball?

He wasn’t there to chase it,

Through the brown leaves of fall.

Then there was the Mrs. Sure he had felt the broom.

But it was filled with love,

As she shooed him from the room.

Who would get the paper, and bring it to the den.

Who would be there to pat his head?

A human he called a friend.

The darkness became foreboding,

Could he find his way home?

But who would be there to greet him?

For his family was gone.

He was drawn to the lights, that lined the busy street.

Though the driver tried to miss him,

Too late, he was seen.

The driver stopped the car, crossed to the bundle of fur.

Shaking his head, he picked up the pup,

He would be missed for sure.

He carried him to the roadside, gently laid him down.

A gentle wind caressed,
The dead carcass of brown.

The driver returned to the vehicle,

?The family must not see,

?For he had been the one,

That set the animal free.

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