We Gotta Stick Together!! :3

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A short story for my friends. ^^ I had a dream, imagining we all lived in the same town and were best friends irl, instead of being whole states and countries apart. ? Love you guys with all my heart.

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



Chapter 1: Ohaidere

I sigh, lying back on my bed, snacking on my box of Pocky. “… I wonder if anyone’s on Xat…” I mumble to myself, opening my laptop and logging onto Xat.com. I smile and giggle as I’m greeted by two of my best friends.

Wolf_Raver: LILYYYYY! *glomp* <3 <3

Sparky: LILY *huggles you*

Lily: *giggles and ish glomped and hugged* Nyaah. Hi guys ^^

Sparky: How are you?

“I’m fine-” I stop typing as a PC from Wolf pops up. I click it and smile when I read what it says.

Wolf_Raver: *glomps you* ^w^ Missed you Imouto-kun! <3 <3

Lily: X3 *ish glomped* Missed you too Austin-sama. ?

Wolf_Raver: ;_; Your hearts are so much better

Lily: :3 lol Copy & Paste?

Wolf_Raver: =P Too lazy

I laugh softly and notice the main chat had responses. I click on it and sigh.

Sparky: Lily? U there?

Lily: Sry! ^^” Got distracted…

Sparky: Oh it’s okay

I click back on Wolf’s pc.

Wolf: *huggles you*:3 Sooo.. How are you Lily-kun? <3

Lily: *huggles you back* I ish boreddd -3- I could use some help with this school shizz.

Wolf_Raver: Want me to come over and help?

Lily: X3 That’d be awesome. But you’ll have to crawl in through the window. .3.

Wolf_Raver: Don’t care. ^w^ Long as I get to spend time with my Imouto-kun

Lily: Awwwwww ?? Kay, now hurry your lazy butt over here! -3-

Wolf_Raver: LOL X3 I’m coming!

I click back on main chat, closing our PC.

Wolf_Raver: Gonna go for a bit. Bbl <3

Lily: Awwwww Baiiii Onee-samaaa!

Sparky: Bye Wolf

Lily: I gtg too ;3; Stupid schoolwork.

Sparky: Awwwwww L

Lily: Loves you Senpaiii! I’ll get back on later, k?

Sparky: Kay. I have some work I needed to do anyways.

Lily: ^^ kk bbl

I log off an open up my schoolwork tab. I just stare at it blankly, then sigh and close my eyes. “Austin-samaaaaa~! Hurry up.” I mumble, opening my eyes and looking at the ceiling. I slowly drift off to sleep.

“Nyaahh…” I roll around slightly in my sleep. I jolt up when I hear a swift tap on the window. “Finally!” I cry out, jumping up and opening my window. “Ohaidere! What took you so long Baka?” I smirked down at Austin. He smiled back and quickly climbed the tree by my window, sitting on the branch closest to the window. “Ohai! Sorry Lily-kun. But running all the way here takes some time.” He sticks his tongue out at me. I scoff and sat back on my bed, Austin climbing in the window behind me. “We gotta be quiet okay? Last thing I need is for my dad to find a boy and me alone in my room.” I sigh as he laughs quietly, plopping down on the bed beside me. I pull my computer into my lap, glaring at the screen. “You keep making that face an it’ll be stuck like that.” Austin chuckles and pokes my cheek. I look towards him and sigh. “Whatever. Now could you help me with this pr-” I froze as I heard a door across the hall open. “Austin. Closet. Now.” I shove him off the bed and into the closet, shutting the door seconds before my dad walks in, looking tired as hell. “Hey.. Just came to... check up on you... You okay?” My dad looked at me suspiciously. “Yeah, I’m fine Daddy." I walk over and hug him,"Hurry up and get back to work before you get in trouble though.” I smile at him and he sighs. “Alright. Remember, if you need any help, I’m across the hall. Just don’t interrupta phone call or anything.” He smiles and leaves the room, locking himself back in his office. I sigh, walking over to the closetand slide down the door. “That was close, wasn’t it Onee-sama?” I move and open the door, only to be glomped. “Nyaaah~! Austin~!” I laugh as I’m death hugged by him. “Austin-sama… Can’t breathe…” His eyes widen and he lets go of me, looking embarrassed. “Ehehehe… Sorry!” I giggle and walk back to the bed. “Come on and help me with this! I want to be done by the time Jimmie and the others get back!” He sighs, his expression changing for a splitsecond, but goes right back to normal and sits with me. “Alright, let’s get to work.”

- Later -

I groan and push the laptop away, glaring at it. “Why must Geometry be so evil?” I sigh and lay back on my bed, looking at Austin, who’d fallen asleep on the floor. I reach down and poke his head a few times, making him mumble. “Wake up. You have to leave, don’t you?” He opens one eye and looks at me “What-” suddenly he jumps up, “Wait, what time is it??” I look at the clock on my laptop “12:17…” He smiles at me and hugs me. “Yeah, I gotta run back home real quick. Talk to you later?” I smile, hugging him back and nodding, “Of course Baka! What would life be like without my Onee-sama?” We both laugh lightly. “Bye Imouto-kun. Love you.” He lets go of me and climbs back out the window. “Love you too Onee-sama.” I go over to the window and watch him run off, waving. I look back to my bed and sigh. “One more lesson. Then I’ll shower and get ready.” I walk back over to the laptop and sit, pulling it back into my lap. "... I'm just going to check DeviantArt... Just for a second..." I smirk, opening a new tab. :3

(End of chapter one. You like? ;3)

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