Silence- A Short Story.

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This piece is actually a short story taken from my previous English monthly examination.
There were many options to write about from letter to report to a one word essay and so on.

So, I opt for the one word which was SILENCE.

My story is based on the Greek Mythology.
To those who fancy Greek's Myths might understand the story better. I hope.

But, it seems that my English teacher understands it pretty well and he awarded me with an A.

Do enjoy =)

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




Silence. It’s like shadows creeping behind you, following you, in the dark. It is like falling from the Empire State Building and knowing that you’re about to die; only to wake up in a cold, dark room; realising, it was just a dream. Silence...

The moment when you’ve found out that life, you have been living was a lie.

Big. Major. Fat. Lie.  

It is how I feel right this moment. Too many thoughts, emotions flowing in at once but I still feel some distance from them. Body goes numb. Rigid. I hear whispers... Silence... Whispers... Silence...

"Sierra...? Sierra!"

That loud voice. Loud and mighty as thunder, boomed into my deepest level of unconsciousness. I am wide awake.

“Are you feeling all right?”

That voice spoke again but softer this time. I didn’t respond. All I did was, looking blankly at that person. The voice was coming from a ‘he’. He is a man; no, not really. He is most likely to be a God and the God of all the Gods, to top it off.

My God. Ha, ha. A chuckle came out of my foreign mouth. My soul was still detached from my body but I’m recovering, slowly, from the shock. My God. How ironic, really. I do have a God of my own—which I never knew existed, truth to be told—which also happens to be my own biological father!

Yes, this doesn’t happen frequently in most of our boring, steady life and that was the main reason, I was, in fact, in a state of shock. I’m not exaggerating here, really. Hey, I mean, give me a break. How many times does it happen in your own miserable life, that a God will descend from his heavenly and majestically throne to see you when you are already a grown up and says, “I am your father.”

None? Well, I pretty much have already guessed that.

As I am speaking quite articulately to you right now, I have failed terribly to reply few words to my father, who is a God, by the way. Oh, I had mentioned that earlier, didn’t I?

Luckily, a man or quite possible, another God, came to save the lady in distress. Though, I’m not quite a lady yet—enough with the blabbering, already! He said something I couldn’t apprehend—or comprehend? Then, my father relaxes and orders him to send me to my room.

In case you’re wondering, I am currently at Mount Olympus. The house of Gods or the Gods’ God, in my father’s case.

I was sent to my room. I hardly could call it a room though. It’s like the size of thousands of Singapore connected together and the bed! Huh. Well, I can’t describe it. It’s too much for words. So, I just lay down on the floor since the bed was just too much for me to accept it. Wouldn’t want myself to dirty it. The floor was the only option and surprisingly, it was much more comfortable than my third-hand bed back home. I drifted back to sleep and darkness and silence clouded my thoughts at once.

I woke up with a jolt. I realised I was back in my good old home.

So, it was really a dream. Seems so real, though. I felt relief washed over me but somehow, disappointed at the same time. The longing feeling to have finally knowing your father is alive and well. I felt lonely like an orphan.

Then, I heard noises coming from the kitchen. I walked my way towards it and saw... my God; no, father, fixing two cups of hot chocolate.

“Feeling better now?” he said.

As usual, my mind went blank. At the time I needed it the most. Curse it—wait, no. I don’t want it to be cursed.

The smell of warm chocolate filled my nostrils and instantly calmed me.

Is this a dream within a dream? Is this even real?

I slapped myself.


Shouldn’t have done that.

I guess questions could be put aside for a few minutes. Darn, that hot chocolate.

Once I’m done savouring every drop of its precious flavour, then I’ll start with my questioning. Be prepared God’s of God slash father of mine. You shall not evade my questions. Muahahaha!

Wait, come to think of it, I haven’t prepared any questions to ask him yet!

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