Feelings of Unknown

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Just some feelings I'd like to put out there. Or some thoughts more like it. Enjoy! And please leave comments. Enjoy!

Submitted: June 05, 2010

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Submitted: June 05, 2010



Struggling and struggling, looking for a way out..

No matter, we won't get out..

Of this torture.. of this pain..

Till we see.. That we don't need an exit, We just want to be found..

Or just need some time. To figure things out..

In the end, whether we have an answer..

Or we're still lost.. We should figure it out, That we're not alone..

Even if it feels like it, Baring it all alone all this time..

Feeling the isolation, the nothingness..

That we can't change what happened, Can't change what we've felt..

But, there's always hope, There's always a hand waiting to be held onto, Outstretched for someone..

Yet, having no one notice, Leaving the person waiting and waiting,

Only to be crushed by the thought, 'No ones coming..'

Big mistake! Even if the thought seems like its the truth, It's not..

Trust me.. Don't give up, Giving up is dropping your hand..

Someone will find you...

Fake smiles, fake personalities, That person will see through it all, Seeing you for you, not that fake image..

You thought would cover your flaws, But we all have them..

It's only natural.. We all hurt from our falls, Just to get back up and try once more..

Whether we succeed or not, we still should believe in ourselves..

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