What goes on inside Hana's Mind during the Day?

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This is just some quotes, that I think of, or make up during the day. So, this'll be on and off. Hope you like and enjoy them! And don't forget to realize what they mean. :)

Submitted: April 23, 2010

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Submitted: April 23, 2010



"I don't need to change to be seen in your eyes, when I was always seen, through someone else's."

" Why can we use 'hate' in a strong way, but we can throw away the word, 'love' like nothing?"

" Whatever floats your boat.But when you drown, just know, I can't swim."

"It won't matter how many tears I shed, you won't come back, and I can't love you again."

"Broken pieces can't always be fixed. But no one said I couldn't try. 'Hand me that glue!' "

" We all go through hard times, but we don't always have to go through it alone. I'll always be here to cry with you, hold you, and beat the crap out of whoever made you frown. Cause the best part of everyone is their smile and happiness."

" Stars have true beauty. They're pretty when we see them, but we can still call them pretty when we can't see them, because we always know what they look like, bright and small from out point of view. "

" Why the hell do you care what they think? They don't live your life every single day and second. So do what you want, say what you think is right, because, not everyone you meet, will stay in your life."

" What we think and believe is true, might not be true at all, but we still need the hope and belief, so we have something to believe in."

" Why do I let myself get hurt constantly? Why can't you see? I always thought that it was better to have myself hurt, than my friends, so here I am, broken and hurt from the inside out. You can't see because you're blinded from you popularity test that no one is in. You like the greed of power, of being someone to someone else to fit it. I'm tired of people like that. If they want you to change, tell them,'As many new clothes and disguises you buy, you can't fit me into one of your clothes. That's not going to work. You wear you clothes, and I'll be wearing mine. Like me or not, I am who I am, whether a friend or not to you."

" If you ever have the doubt, that 'Who is your real friend?' Try letting them go. If they were truly your friend in the first place, they'd come back. If not, guess what? You now could careless about that person, no matter who it was, you just have to let go."

" We build up walls to hide behind. But can't you see? That I want to be found, by you? and only you? is it that hard?" " I wonder why, I feel this way. Thinking about things either too carefully, or too lightly. The way I can cry so easily, leaving me here to cry as many tears I can."

" Tell me what the hell is a 'good' person. Describe it to me. All I see is what people show in front of people to be labeled as 'good'. I think that's a bunch of B.S. ." " Why do a lot of people want and need stories? Stories to tell, stories to think about, and stories to be all dramatic about. Why do you need it?"

" I'll drown you out, act like it's okay, and keep it inside, but next time i see you, i swear i'm going to punch you in your effing face."

" I just ate a plate of a weird dessert my neighbor gave me. It tastes wonderful, but it makes me yearn for something I've not had in a while. What's this yearning inside me? To be a real family or to have someone to hold me?"

" That's ONE BIG FAT ASS LIE. YOU WOULD NOT HELP ANY HOBO OR PERSON IN NEED. When was the last time you had? Why start now? So you can look like a hero? Look like a good person? It's all B.S.. Don't say it."

" I feel empty.. I always feel like crying. I want someone to hold me, when I'm breaking down. Someone to give me the fake hope of everything will be okay."

" I've made up my mind, I'll be happy, even if it kills me inside, even if it's just me alone. I won't give in to those assholes, who want to tell me what's wrong and what's right about me. I know who I am, I don't need you to tell me. Your the one who doesn't know yourself, and you know what? 'PUCK YOU!!! I DON"T GIVE A DAMN ANYMORE! SAY WHAT YOU SAY, BUT TALKING ABOUT MY FAMIlY OR FRIENDS, DON"T COME CRYING TO SOMEONE WHEN YOU GET YOUR ASS KICKED." " I've always waited for you to come... Even when they said you wouldn't.. I'll keep waiting.. For you, and only you.."

"Does it matter? Why does it? If it did, why didn't you do something about it? For now, I only trust only a few people. I will gain the trust in others sooner or later.? I don't know."

"I seriously don't care. I want to eat creampuffs, but when I think of creampuffs, Iwant strawberries. XD Is that weird?"

"Life already comes with complications, why add on to it?"


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