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mike garry is a living legend and god of poetry...i was lucky enough to meet him and interview him asking for his views about the lost generation of today and following your dreams and artistic inclinations!

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013




“You’ve got to be a bit of a dick sometimes, if youre an artist it doesnt really matter…”

Mike Garry, proof that God is a Manc, is bringing poetry back into all that is cool…yeah, he’s a geek by his own admission, but here is one wordsmith who knows how to wow an audience with the power of his clever lyricism told in that unmistakeable broad Mancunian lilt.

A poet with a heart and soul but no lofty ambitions of greatness, only with a message for the youth of today. “Dont do what you have to do for money…work really hard and MAKE it work. Dont care about what people think or say about it!”

This comes from a man who knows all about following his heart and doing what he loves. “Have I got a job?” he says dreamily. “I am an incredibly lucky person. I make a living out of what I love.”
Giving workshops in schools and hospitals and prisons, Mike works with tens of thousands of people every year, inspiring and giving hope and a voice to those who may not have any another outlet for their creativity. His love and his passion for poetry and for people is evident when he walks into a room.

And all that love and passion has taken him far. Mike has recently been commisioned to write a poem for Manchester United entitled “The Threads that Weave” a poem of epic scope and style encompassing all that is great and good in the best city in the world. “People say I’m selling out…I say gimme the money!” And surely what better way to platform your art than at the biggest football club in the world? His words are now being heard and heralded by footie fans the world over…who said poetry was for geeks?

On tour with the eponymous John Cooper Clarke who has recently made a come back and is supporting the ridiculoulsy talented up and coming lyrcial genius that is Plan B, Mike is in his element. He shines when he speaks…the audience are lured into his mind…you can hear a pin drop in between the pauses he takes right up to the poignant repetition of the last lines which are his signature style.

Why listen to Mike? Why breathe in his verse and revel in his rhyme?

Cos God is a Manc.



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